Coming Off TRT, My Trepidation

I was on TRT a few years ago, couldn’t get my estradiol in check so after a year and a half I came off…a year later I was feeling the effects again…this time I felt very depressed. I could see it in my pictures. Low confidence, face looked droopy. I don’t know if this is in my head or not. TRT makes my jaw line stronger? Makes me feel more confident? OR is this a mindset? Either way, If I come off I need to walk in with the mindset that TRT didn’t give me super powers. I can feel this way without TRT. I just need a great plan for PCT and lifestyle/mindset onward. The reason I want to quit is I’m not feeling like myself. I’m snappy at my wife and honestly I don’t feel the sexual impact others on here have felt and this is my 2nd stint. Any success stories of coming off and kept the confidence and mindset that TRT may or may not of brought?

Symptoms + labs confirming low t = it’s not in your head. And mindset changing, will not change this equation. Unless maybe you are obese and fix that. Or have another underlying disease

Snap at the wife…ummm. I do that to at times. Couples do argue and stuff once in a while. And then you f them and all is ok.

Take HCG or Clomid to get the boys jumping again?

Preface. I’ve never done a pct but have taken clomid.

You can probably do both for a week then just clomid after that. Clomid I think works to wake up the hpta which should shoot up for LH and wake up balls that way. If you are in clomid and lh fsh does not go up you will need trt.

Hcg is like LH.

If you’re hypogonadal, probably not. You didn’t mention protocol or labs, but likely that’s where your issues lies

3 weeks of HCG then 4-6 weeks of Clomid (or Nolva)