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Coming Off TRT, Damn


I will give a brief explanation;
Recently i changed employer, which financially was a good move on my part, so i am now a contractor so to speak though i am doing entirely the same job but thats a story unrelated to a steroid forum.

As the firm i work for operates throughout the UK and most of europe i will be travelling one hell of alot and; i have just read an email informing us of a drugs testing policy.

Yes, steroids included.

Seeing as my TRT is self prescribed i cannot just explain it away, so it makes sense on my part to quit while i am ahead. Though the drugs test is a concern, in the long run, things are going to be awkward reguarding overseas work and keeping myself topped up with Test.

Now the first test, they have been kind enough to inform us that it is the first week of september (and will give us 3 days notice before each future test) which is 8 weeks away or roundabouts.

This is not really ideal but i am plotting a PCT from what could be looked upon as an 8 month cycle (thats how long i have been on TRT for)

Now; it was recently mentioned to me by a Mr Bushido that using a Test Prop based 'rollercoaster pct' could work.

This would involve a decided dosage of test prop, administered e3-4d, the rollercoaster effect of plenty of exogenous hormones to zero could be enough to kick the HPTA back into life again in a short space of time - when we were talking we were considering a 4 week period.

The other option would be a stasis taper, which; would be the best course of action if time allowed this, but 8 weeks, imo, is not even adequate for the extended stasis required. I say this as i am on cycle at the moment (800mg test enan p.wk)

Any thoughts or suggestions on the subject would be much appreciated.

Incase anybody needs to know i am 6ft, 258lbs, 11% bodyfat and have a 12" penis, ehm..yeh right

Just for further amusement, HCG has been administered consistently througout all my time on TRT so my boys are at almost normal size.

Many Thanks in advance.


How much h.c.g are you running and did you wait until they staRTED to pucker to strt.


250 iu per week. administration began at week 6 of trt.


I would think continuing with TRT should be ok. It's not like they're testing for testosterone/epitestosterone ratios, to see what is endogenous and exogenous, right? You should be in the clear.

Naturally, other androgen analogs would be out of the question.


this may just be my criminal mind thinking here,and if it is totalkly out the question I am sorry but it was a thought.

what about masking agents or someone elses pee?


so i guess were going to have a new GH fan on the forum.lol


I think besides the testing, he is on about the diffuculty of moving all around Europe and trying to keep on a cycle.


it is probably long over due to come off the test

on the other hand, if you went to the doctor while you were shut down early enough before you totally bounced back you could get your script
nurse back the hpta and when you were ready again you would be good to go no matter where you were!

that would be a pain in the ass in itself too


I you want to say on TRT this is great advice. You stop taking the test, deal with the sides, and get your physician to complete blood work based on your alleged symptoms of fatigue, ED, etc. Your free test comes in low, E is high, and he prescribes legal TRT and dex.


actually not bad ,because then you can travel with your TRT supplies no problem also as long as you have signed that they are legal for you and its in personal use quanities.
just an assumption of course.


and really im sure youll get to make "home trips" and in those home trips you simply fill your prescription so to speak


an idea indeed chaps, thankyo for that, however, things back in england are somewhat different than the states. IMO we are still at least a decade behind you guys in everything.
My instructions at the moment from work are to remain in holland for a further 9 months. Obv i will be back for breaks, 3 days next month, 5 days in september and then whatever holidays i book from then.

Getting a GP to prescribe testosterone would be like asking a jehovas witness for a christmas card - no offence intended to anyone lol. British medical thinking, with the exceptions of dilligent folk like Bushy in the industry, is that testosterone is bad and must be avoided at all costs.
This is my experience of it all anyway - i could be completely wrong.

What i am looking for though really, is a method of coming off reasonably quickly, though if they will test for endo/exog as mentioned is a worthwhile point.

Thanks though guys, keep your thoughts coming they are all appreciated greatly.


LMAO, that sucks though.

I think if you are gonna do the 'prop coaster', make sure you are fully stocked on some ancillaries as well.


Ya.. well i think that the best idea is to switch to a short acting test asap anyway, that way you can stop quicker and get the ball rolling, maybe straight into the coast idea.. which i think wont work - but BBB has ways and means i dont fully understand!



Your employers are really going to conduct blood tests for steroids as well as a whole range of precription and recreational drugs? That would probably be rather expensive. Also, to detect testosterone use, they will have to conduct an epitest ration test in addition to the other tests. Highly unlikely.

So, if you are just using test, which is a naturally occurring hormone, then it's unlikely that you will "fail" their test.


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