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Coming Off TRT + Blasts After 18 Months

Hey all, new to the board and very first post. Long story short, was on TRT with two blasts in between over the course of 18months. Compounds run were test only, blasts were 600mgs and cruises were 150-175mg. HCG was run almost throughout at dosages of 250iu/wk to 400iu/wk and at 2000iu per week the two weeks after last injection leading to PCT. Prior to hopping on my natty T levels were 321 and 351 over two tests. I am 33 years old. Doctor would not treat as I was too young, and my levels are “normal”. Anyway, I am now in week 6 of my pct which consisted as follows:
Week 1-2 Clomid 50mg/Nolva 40mg
Week 2-6 Clomid 25mg/ Nolva 20mg
Week 6-12 20mg Nolva

I dropped the Clomid at the direction of someone on another board as he had pointed me to info on how Clomid and Nolva contradict one another. I had gotten labs back at week 1 of PCT and now at week 6:

Week 1 - Test 211
LH - 0.01
FSH - 0.03
Estrogen - 7

Week 6 - Test 198
LH - 4.0
FSH - 1.5
Estogen - <5

Needless to say, I feel like shit. My sex drive is essentially zero, and my body is turning all soft and shitty. It’s an awful feeling. I’m coming off in the interest of having a baby. What I’m looking for is advise on what I should continue as far as my PCT regemine goes. Keep only Nolva at 20mg for another 6 weeks? Add back in Clomid? Increase the dosage?

Really thinking of just going back to the endo and seeing what can be done about fertility and TRT.

No need to come off TRT to have a baby, just inject FSH.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of actual fsh injections. Interesting I’ll have to research that more.

I’ve never done a restart myself but I am told it takes way longer than 6 weeks. That was from my urologist when I asked him.

Some do HCG at beginning of restart.

If you are trying to have a baby now, have sex at least EOD. Guys do get women pregnant while on trt. Give that a few months to see if you can do it.