Coming Off TRT After a Year

Hi people hope your all good !

Sorry if this is a crap post , I have spent the weekend trying to find out information on how to come of test e trt .
I have been on it for Maybey 11 months .

160 split two times a week.

No Ai.

The only reason I started it was a mate wanted to do a little Sycle.
He ended up getting fake gear .
Started 4 weeks dnol and 300 test e a week .
6 weeks later , no dbol for 2 weeks and felt like shit . Mate insisted on ai every other day .
Got labs and my test and e2 where fucked .
He got an unjury and disappeared so I was left feeling like shit .
So I got some more test e rohm .
Jumped back on but at 150 a week.
Was going through a really rough patch in life and coildent emagine carrying on with shit test and e2.

So this mate that was going to guide me through kinda disappeared.

So 10 months later , my knees feel like shit , elbow feels shit , I was bigger and fitter before starting test .
Night sweats twice a week like someone has pissed on me .

Worried about my face looking older .

Hate injecting I have a fobia for needles takes me like 10 mins to ease the needle in .

I know you guys are going to think what a idiot , yep hand up I am .

I’m 42 .
Lift every other day and cardio days between .

So I want off .

I didn’t run hcg .

And advice in what I need in way of pct would be great.

Nolva ?
Do I run hcg for a few weeks .

There are all many opinions and I’m a bit lost .


Don’t feel stupid. You made a mistake and are now owning up to it. Easiest method is just to run Nolva 40 mg Ed for two weeks followed by 20mg Ed for another two to four weeks after. Don’t take this until after 3-4 weeks from your last pin of Test E. You can run HCG up to starting Nolva but not during. Your choice.

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Did you ever get labs while on this dose of test? These are some super wild symptoms for a TRT dose or testosterone.

Hay ,thanks for getting back mate .

So weight 4 weeks from last pin .
Would you suggest hcg ? For the first 4 weeks ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply mate , really appreciate it .


Hello mate , yea I have had bloods like 5 months ago I’ll try and find them and upload them .

It’s worth it if easily accessible. Most guys run 300-500iu a couple time a week or every other day. You have to research and choose the best for you though. I don’t want to be misconstrued as giving medical advice. I prefer informing of what most do and steering you to the right path, ultimately you must decide.