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Coming Off TRT After a Year

I have been on trt for a year and need to come off due to heart issues been on 0.6 a week test E = 120 mg split into 2 doses every 3.5 days was on hcg for a few months at the start then came off due to cost but have went back on 250 eod for the last month endocrinologist i deal with is telling me to come off cold turkey that seems crazy to me so i have been doing a lot of reading on here and this is what i have come up with hope to get pushed in the right direction.
week 1-6
mg week: 80mg / 60mg/ 50mg/ 40mg/ 30 mg/ 20mg

That’s just going to prolong it. It’s not like tapering off other drugs that are not something your body naturally needs. You will continue to be shut down until your last dose is out of you and you system kicks back in. You could try lowering your dose and see if that helps your heart issue and allows you to stay on. Otherwise i think you would go cold turkey and consult the pharma group about pct

so i will need some type of pct? that is what is confusing me not sure what i need and my Dr seems clueless when i mentioned that there is some protocol to come off he just says cold turkey your body will recover? is this pharma group in Canada how do i get a hold of them? also i do have hcg and arimidex if that any use in this attempt. sorry for all the questions i do appreciate you responding thanks

The pharma forum here. They can tell you what to ask the Dr for or what you will need to source elsewhere. ( not that they can tell you where to source anything)

This discussion is most appropriate here in the T Replacement forum, as it discusses TRT. There have been several threads, including a few fairly recently, about guys needing to stop their TRT.

If your doctor says to just go cold turkey, unfortunately you may need to find another doctor to guide you more effectively unless the recommendation is based on prioritizing heart health over your hormones, which could be understandable if there’s an immediate problem going on.

Fucking with your heart can lead to more serious (and more permanent) problems than fucking with your hormones. A bit more detail about the actual problem would be helpful.

Also, the Pharma forum has nothing to do with sources. That type of discussion isn’t allowed on the site.

atrial fibrillation is the problem it just developed over the last 3 months the cardiologist wants me off for 6 to 8 months, every search i have done shows no relationship to trt but yes i think the heart stuff is important to be on top of and he has no problem for me going back on he just wants to rule it out and seems to think i wont feel to bad because i have been on a low dose.

120 isn’t a low dose. It also wouldnt matter if you were on 70 mg or 700mg you are still shut down and will feel like shit

Seems like I’m going to go through hell to do this, I didn’t think it would be that bad but reading some of the horror stories is scaring the shit out of me cold Turkey sounds like a bad plan I’m going to have to come up with something and try and get the endocrinologist on board

Get a 2nd opinion before doing anything. Maybe the next Dr will know what’s causing it and tell you that coming off T will just agrivate the condition further

He is probably concerned with blood clots. However, there is no evidence that TRT increases the risk of them in patients with and without A-fib. Quite the contrary:


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That is a concern he has me on blood thinners at the moment.

OK, you’re going to have to listen to the cardio, obviously.

I knew plenty of guys who ran 8-10 month steroid cycles and stopped cold turkey without PCT. Yes, they lost size, weight, energy and motivation and their lifts went down. But, it’s tough to bust your ass off steroids and do 390 when you were doing 440 on.

So, these were guys with HPTA shut down and they recovered within a few weeks, I’ll say a month. I won’t say we had labs tests, but they were feeling pretty good.

Is your blood thick. Afib says it can cause poor blood flow but if TRT isnt thickening your blood then it would seem like an overreaction

hematocrit is in the high end but still in range he did mention it. all this has me so freaked out and now i’m freakin out about coming off trt due to side effects.

hematocrit 0.491 Range 0.400 - 0.500

If the Dr doing your TRT is also the one dealing with your afib then obviously he would want to get rid of as much liability as possible and stop test. Im surprised he didn’t just fire you as a patient honestly. That’s like every TRT Drs worst $nightmare is a patient with heart problems given past litigation.

In the end its your responsibility to research snd educate yourself until your comfortable with your decision. No one should be letting a Dr or strangers tell them what to do with their health. Then again maybe im just too thick headed. I have just seen to many Drs demons in person and know they are just another person that has access to the same info the general public does so i dont regard them as superior beings. They are simply my first step before the pharmacy so I csn get what I need.

100% I get that! I will take all in I can and do what i decide, if i do go cold turkey some say a month some say 6 months that scares me. when i started e2 was really high and i broke out with bad cysic acne all over my back took long time to get under control does the same thing typical happen when stopping or is that just from staring ?

I would assume just when starting. I think the issues you will face going off with just be feeling like a slug. High blood pressure from low T and hot flashes. Before TRT i wasnt living i was just torturing myself day to day. I would have to be incarcirated to go back to living with low t and even then i would probably opt out via a bed sheet noose.

Though I would post my update 4 weeks off cold Turkey have had no withdrawal symptoms beside losing 8 pounds think I might actually feel better off than I did on

I recently stopped TRT cold turkey and it wasn’t as bad I I thought it would be, it only took 4.5 weeks for my natural production to fire up. I had to stop TRT to get my iron and potassium stores back up, I started TRT with doctors that had poor knowledge, apparently low normal iron and potassium is “in range” and therefor for still normal.

The reference ranges have replaced knowledge, critical reasoning and thinking outside the box.