Coming Off TRT after a Year and a Half - Question on HPTC Restart

Hey Everyone,

Recently found this forum and have pleasantly surprised with all the knowledge and information here. I have read a wealth of good info on this topic, so thank you all for your contributions.

I started TRT when I was 38 yo, taking 90-100 mg weekly, roughly a year and 8 months and need to come off (will save reasons for another post). My initial range was low normal and I️ didn’t have any major issues, so I️ don’t believe I️ actually needed TRT. Was looking more to optimize.

I tried to stop cold Turkey a couple weeks ago and felt some of the worst withdrawal symptoms, so I decided to get a protocol in place and am now going to pretty much follow the HPTC Restart Easy Guide in this forum. Thanks Madagascarspirit!

I’m a single Dad with a pretty demanding job so I am hoping to do my best to keep my head during this time, so I just had a few questions with the goal of preparing as much as possible to steer the ship back to calmer waters.

They are:

  1. Has anyone who has quit (or tried to quit) TRT cold turkey also tried a reset protocol with HCG/Clomid or Nolvadex? If so did the HCG/Serm comparatively to cold Turkey ease your transition off?

  2. What would be the worst phase of the protocol. My guess it would be when you transition from HCG to Serm? or is it when you come off the Serm entirely? The reason I ask is cause I am planning to schedule some time off work to manage any really bad parts, I want to make sure I time it to land on the most difficult part.

  3. I currently only have Clomid and HCG (no Nolvadex). I felt like when I tried to cycle off cold turkey my estrogen was through the roof, I was crying over everything. Would Nolvadex help with high estrogen more than Clomid?

  4. Does anyone have any tips of ways to deal with the insomnia? Kratem, or something prescribed? Melotonin was not helping me and I feel like sleep is going to be the thing that will help me get through it.

Thank you so much for all your help guys! Much love

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I quit TRT cold turkey years ago and 4.5 weeks later my natural T was back, no PCT.


Thank you so much for the response brother. That gives me hope. Curious, if you’re ok with sharing, what’s your age and how long were you on for?

Much love

Two and a half years, age 47 at the time. I’m back on now though.

Right on man. Well that’s cool. At least you were able to get off and then make an informed choice after that to decide.

How long did you stay off for?

I was off for 8 months and I’m on Jatenzo now.

Nice. I’ve been wondering about that stuff. How do you like it? Better than injectable test?

Way better in my opinion, twice daily dosing and 7 days to a steady state. Most men in the clinical trial needed 237 mg or more with few doing well on the 158-198 mg dosing.

Hey t nation mod. Any chance we can delete this post? I️ realized it makes more sense to post my questions in the protocol thread it’s referencing, not make a new post. Please delete if you can. Thanks!