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Coming Off TRT After 3 Years

Hi, thought I’d log my experience stopping TRT after 3 years. (33 years old) in case anyone is interested in the outcome for reference.


Now 17 days since last Cyp shot, was running 125mg per week everyday administration.

Began test prop 5 days after last test Cyp shot

87.5mg per week everyday administration. Had my last shot yesterday.

Been running HCG pretty much the whole time while on TRT 400IU every 3 days.

Experimented with both using AI(Arimidex) and not using AI. It seems that HCG causes my e2 to rise out-with reference. 0.5mg Arimidex typically used every 3 days although according to my blood work I’m not convinced Arimidex controls e2 produced as a result of HCG particularly effectively. I’ve read intratesticular e2 may be more difficult to manage. Certainly, seems that way for me.

For reference, my hormone profile without an AI is as follows- 125mg per week of Test Cypionate everyday frequency shallow Intra-muscular using 1/2 insulin pin and 400IU HCG twice weekly into the belly subQ. Total test sits around 980ng/dL, free Test 29ng/dL & e2 55pg/mL at trough.

EDIT: I amended my HCG and SERM protocol please jump to bottom section headed “PCT Log” for details. The proposed restart protocol now changed but shown below for reference was based on the successful attempt by bodybuilder, trainer and youtuber “Vigorous Steve” after 10 years of Blast and Cruise he managed to restart his HPTA. I would like to try a less heavy handed approach as I have used HCG throughout.

Now about to begin 1000IU of HCG every other day for 2 weeks beginning tomorrow followed by Nolvadex and Clomid for 4 weeks following that.


Daily dosage split in half morning and night for example week 1- 50mg clomid/20mg Nolvadex morning and night

Week 1- 100/40

Week 2- 50/40

Week 3- 25/20

Week 4- 0/20

So far, no negative symptoms since I used shorter ester prop to mitigate any Cyp withdrawal.

By the end of 2-week HCG course I hope the test Cypionate and Propionate are out of my system just going by the 5x half-life guide. ~Assuming 5x6 for Cypionate & 5x2 for propionate. Since the peak serum levels of every day administration are low when compared with once per week for example the actual clearance time may in fact be less.

Will get blood work taken at the end of HCG and before I take SERMs (Clomid and Nolvadex) and again at the end of the SERM course.

Hopefully the boys can start producing decently enough again. My previous levels were

TotalT 490ng/dL; FreeT 14 ng/dL; E2 35pg/ml; SHBG 20 nmol/L;

Body fat percentage is down at 14ish from 30 so will be interesting to see if that influences production and aromatisation.

Apologies if I’ve spelled things out more than necessary. I’ve kept abbreviations to a minimum in case anyone new to this subject is reading.

I am no expert most of what I know is interpreted from forums like this, some research papers and my own experience any input from the community is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


17 days since last shot of Cypionate (125mg/week every day dosing schedule)

Week 1


The day after the 1000IU HCG dose I felt mpre emotional and aggressive than usual. Have felt great since reducing dose to 300 IU every morning. Still just as strong in the gym and feel generally fine, sexual function and mood normal at this point as I am essentially on HCG monotherapy. Still a long road ahead. Table of compounds and dosages below.

Day Cypionate (mg) Propionate (mg) HCG (IU) Arimidex (mg) Clomid(mg)
0 0 12.5 500 0.25 0
1 0 0 500 0 0
2 0 0 1000 0 0
3 0 0 300 0.25 0
4 0 0 300 0 0
5 0 0 300 0 0
6 0 0 300 0.25 0
7 0 0 300 0 0
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I’ve always read this, but you’ve got blood work to back it up?

Hi swoops there’s a bit of reading between the lines to be had here. Any input appreciated.

400IU HCG was held constant for the two tests.
SHBG pretty much remained the same in the low twenties (nmols/L)

Blood tests were taken at ~ 6 week intervals on trough day

Total T(ng/dL)


0.25 e3d

The higher total test level was on 200mg/week split into every 3 days dosing schedule. The lower total test level was taken while on 125mg/week split into every day dosing schedule.

I hoped to get E2 down and stop the AI by lowering dose and injecting every day (ventrogluteal shallow IM) but no change was noticed.

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When I came off the AI, I was told that my T levels May be lower on the same dose of test, because I stopped the conversion of T to estradiol while on Anastrozole. That may be part of what you experienced. Were you having symptoms that you attributed to high estradiol, or were you simply shooting for a number. Forgive me if you already mentioned this

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Hi Gossamer,

I reduced my weekly dose that will be the reason for the reduced T level. I’d have expected the E2 to go down a bit but then again I did take the AI out of the equation. I had a previous blood test during what was more like like a mini cycle at 3500ng/dl total T, 0.5mg arimidex every 3 days & same HCG protocol. E2 was still in the 50s! Very odd.

Please continue to update as you progress. I’m very interested in how it goes for you. thanks and good luck!

Will do as I’ve found similar forum logs very helpful while preparing for this restart.

Aiming to update weekly along with a conclusion (hopefully positive) complete with blood work at the end.

Already looking to amend my PCT regimen the one stated above might be a bit heavy handed.

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Have edited original post. I’m new to this site so not sure if that is the convention or if its better to update the thread with a new reply instead of changing original post?

I have change my HCG and SERMs protocol pretty drastically from what I initially proposed. I am thinking of running 300 IU of HCG & 0.25 mg Arimidex for another week getting ablood test then going with;
Clomid only 25mg every day for 4 weeks
Clomid 12.5mg every day for 2 weeks
Will keep taking 0.25mg Arimidex every 3 days throughout.

Just a question, this seems like a low dose compared with some PCT examples. Has anyone heard of good results on a lower dose like this? From what I can tell, it’s the high dosages that seems to give people issues with SERMs normal e2 related.

Some PCT examples are overkill. Guys take two SERMs and double the dose on each, cos more has to mean better, right?

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