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Coming Off TRT After 3 Months

So, I tried TRT for 3 months didn’t feel a lot of benefits and had some health things come up that made me question TRT long term. Doctor got me some restart meds: wanted to just check with you guys on thoughts of prescribed PCT.

So I had last injection, did HCG of 250iu X2 a week for 2 weeks. THEN got my Nolvadex and Clomid.

He said the following doages:
Clomid 25mg and Nolvadex 20mg for 15 days and HCG of 200iu every 3 days.

I now have 5 days left of Nolvadex and probably 15-20 tabs of 50mg Clomid left? So I’m 10 days in…after reading various places it looks like I should drop the HCG last shot was 3 days ago…do I have enough left for PROPER PCT? Does this one sound acceptable???

Since getting off T, had some ED issues the last week or so, no sex drive and some slight pain in my testes every couple days. Size is all the way back.

Thanks for the help guys!!!

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We are going to need a lot more information, like your previous TRT protocol which doctors often get horrible wrong and a complete set of testosterone and thyroid labs. Those with suboptimal thyroid hormone can’t metabolize testosterone in the liver.

You say you were only on TRT for 3 months, it take several months to dial-in your TRT protocol, fine tweaking is usually needed and from the sound of it you didn’t really give TRT a solid chance.

Unless you correct the cause of low testosterone, these results will see levels fall back down to pre-TRT levels. Usually age related decline in testosterone is not reversible.

Protocol was 2 weekly injections and 500iu of Hcg split into 2 weekly dosages.

I had monitored my T levels the last couple years and it had with age been declining. I have always had anxiety and really thought it would help with overall mood and energy. I was on 160mg for 1.5 months then moved down to 120mg for the last 1.5 months. Like I said mentally and physically I had some health stuff that made me question TRT I just need a break and get things back to normal as for now as I can. TRT may be in my future, but first want to get some things squared away in my personal life. Labs right before I got off were total T of 1020, free T of 30.1, and estradiol sensitive of 20.2.

Again, just really want to make sure PCT is sound. Don’t want to really rehash my TRT experience.

If you start TRT with an incompetent doctor, you don’t stand a chance. I went through three doctors before finding one who wasn’t a pretender of medical skills in TRT.

If you’re saying you were on 160mg once weekly that may be the problem, low SHBG men usually suffer from anxiety and if your SHBG is low, I would expect you to have problems on one large infrequent injection, I would.

Most men inject T two or more time per week to keep levels stable or else levels will fluctuate and this can cause mood instability. I have low SHBG and do very well on smaller injections every 2 days, if I inject large doses once weekly, I feel like I’m not benefiting from TRT at all and feel terrible.

There aren’t many doctors that know how to play this TRT game or how to properly read your biomarkers to determine a proper TRT protocol for you.

Men with low testosterone usually struggle in their personal life, your need healthy testosterone levels to achieve a healthy mind.

Restart protocol: HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, followed by Nolvadex daily X 28 days.

So you give up this easily with everything in life? Is this how you operate? If something doesn’t work in 3 months I quit. Maybe you were not having true low t. I would give it a good year .
I would of hired 3 or 5 docs until it worked.

It’s insanity to continue using the same doc if he’s not testing other labs like a full thyroid lab and etc. trt might not of worked because either you weren’t dosing proper, watching your levels properly, or maybe (like me) your thyroid is causing the fatigue and depression. Maybe trt isn’t working because of this.

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I had some heart issues arise after an echo graph of my heart…again I just wanted to get advice on proper restart for NOW. I’m not saying I won’t be back on TRT at some point, but just had a lot of health stuff hit me all at once for my mental health (caused me to have a panic attack, lost 15 lbs, etc.)

Just for sanity reasons…hope you guys can understand.

If you decide to start back on TRT, please find someone who specializes in TRT. Also note when estrogen gets high I have heart palpitations and fast heart rates, lots of men do when on these large infrequent dosing schedules.

I often see men do extremely well on daily injections that didn’t do well on the larger infrequent injections and I’ll bet it has to do with the way we as individuals process androgens.

TRT can deplete magnesium and pregnenolone and if you become deficient in any one of these hormones, I would expect panic attacks. That’s why I stress working with a doctor that specializes in TRT, because if not then you stand little chance the second time around.

That sucks. I was having issues with my heart and stroke level out of control blood pressure and serious anxiety at 30 but it was because my T was outrageously low. If you actually do have low t as a baseline don’t let yourself live with it because it will end up taking you before your time

I had something come up with my heart valves.

So back to my, restart therapy. Does my restart sound fine? Should I take my extra Clomid at the end? I stated I quit my HCG after reading it shouldn’t be taken Pct. Are my dosages OK?

I dont know anything about restarts. I spent most of my life feeling like trash. Id rather die of a massive heart attack then go back to living my life the way i was. Im sure someone here cam help you though. Maybe pharma section

Go to the pharma section and there are other posts here that you can read and get answers.

More than anything I think you would of been fine if you had a legit HRT specialist on your case.

3 months of trt isn’t a big deal most folks say you’ll be fine stopping. Just remember that low T is going to come back and your not going to jump up and beyond before you started trt.

Low T causes more issues for your heart, mental, bone and blood values. Rate of death is higher as well.

Guys with Normal T levels are not prone to all these issues unless it’s genetic or they have not stabilized on trt. Your body loves testosterone and performs optimally. Like a car with synthetic oil. Lasts longer , drives better and is more reliable.

Some people just don’t know how to read. Your question would have had better answer in the pharma forum since that is were the guys use PCT’s all the time. No one on TRT uses a PCT.

Your PCT seems a bit complicated but since you are so far along why not finish it and then your doc will do a blood test. It either worked or didn’t. If it didn’t just ask for Nolva only 40/40/20/20/20
Good luck.

Three months? Just quit, don’t worry about PCT. At best, do Nolva at 20 for a few weeks.

I quit TRT cold turkey after four years - no PCT.

Of course, I am bat shit crazy.

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His original post said nothing about his heart issues. Just that it’s not working for him and he’s having some health issues and not feeling the benefits yet. Everyone here knows that it takes time. I am not one to sugar coat… I’m also a bit abrasive at times because this information is widely available to anyone who properly researched and educated themselves on trt.

End of day I hope you find some peace . It’s becoming more clear that something is continually bothering you and no matter what’s said around here you get annoyed at the drop of a hat…

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Haha that is wild.