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Coming Off TRT After 16 Months

Hey guys. So in 2014 I was diagnosed with low testosterone (131) and so the past 16 months or so I’ve been on 125 mg of test cyp per week. It wasn’t until two months ago when I told my endocrinologist that prior to those test results, I had lost 20 pounds in the span of two months (eating disorder). I have gained all of this weight back and live a much healthier lifestyle. He said this might’ve been the cause of my low T levels. I am only 20 years old so he said we can try to get me off of TRT and see if my body starts producing again. My question is, hypothetically if this malnutrition was the cause of low T, can my T levels return to normal again (even after being on TRT for that long)?


There is a lot of reading where you will find things that apply to your situation.

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Note that we see a lot of guys, who find their way here, who have such problems at your age. So your situation is not in anyway unusual.

Starvation diets can trash your testosterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones. You would need more labs and your doc is probably out of his league.

If you have done TRT only, your testes might be small and might not recover. See the protocol for injections sticky to see what should have been done. Most docs are clueless. But you can only try to see if you can recover. Fertility is another issue that your doc should have been concerned with.

Did your doc test these prior to TRT?
If not, he should be castrated.

We can be very helpful here. But we need labs with ranges, pre TRT and and now.
Starvation diets can also mess up thyroid and adrenal function, with elevated rT3 blocking fT3. Did doc ever test TSH, T3, fT3, T4, fT3?

Explain how you feel now in terms of:

  • energy
  • mood
  • initiative
  • libido
  • strength
  • appetite

I felt awful on TRT. Doing better off but my T levels are obviously low right now.

Energy - ehh
Mood - neutral
libido - shot
strength - lost some, but I look leaner