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Coming Off TRT After 15 Months

I have an appointment with specialist so have decided to come off self prescribed TRT before seeing him in May. I was taking 150 mg test c a week with good results.
I decided to do a Taper and took my last injection 5 days ago.
Since dropping have noticed I’m sore again for the first time in over a year. Pain in hips and DOMS after workouts which I haven’t had the entire time I was on. Besides that maybe a little more fatigued less libido as to be expected and a little flatter muscle wise. One other interesting development, I’ve had allergic asthma to our cat which isn’t severe but will require an inhaler a couple times a week. My entire time on TRT I didn’t need it and have since required it again in last few weeks. In researching this seems to be some evidence of a testosterone allergic asthma connection.

Is there any question here, or is this just personal log of sorts?

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Testosterone is known to be immunosuppressive. This has positive effects (lower incidence of autoimmune disease in men compared to women) and negative effects (higher incidence of viral induced myocarditis or lower response to vaccines in men compared to woman).

Log of sorts. I know ally of people have questions about coming off PCT etc…

Are you going off so the new doctor will see your “natural” levels and then take over your TRT?

Hey high pull. Yes that’s the plan. I also wanted to see how I feel , it’s funny when I was on and feeling good sometimes you think is it all in my head, however the return of the aches and DOMS assures me there was definitely a benefit. Having it prescribed will just be a lot easier.

OK, you were doing very well, but you’re going to put yourself through who knows what coming off. Have you given any thought to just telling the doctor what you have been doing and explain you would like to continue, but with proper medical supervision? Often, you can tell if the patient has been using TRT or other steroids anyway.

TRT doctors see guys like you all the time, they want to move from underground sourcing, uncertain potency, etc. and need to get necessary follow-up lab work. Some have issues that need to be addressed as well.

I will tell him what I have done. But i think will probably want to see my results not being on anything so don’t want to then have to delay the inevitable. I’m not that concerned with what will happen coming off. I think a lot of it is overblown.

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Another thing I’ve noticed. Pre TRT I couldn’t get through the night without need to urinate waking me up. That disappeared when I was on and could sleep through. Well it’s back now, dammit!

Oh and under eye troughs which disappeared with T have returned as well

1 week since last injection of 20 mg.
I tapered 6 weeks at 100, then down to 90,60,40,20.
Today noticed testicles are starting to regain size and firmness.

Well over 3 weeks since last injection. Testes back to normal.basically transition has been seamless. Anyone debating about coming off and worried about the doomsday preachers saying you will go through hell, don’t believe it. Taper down you will be fine. I can honestly say I barely noticed a difference. With the exception of going back to wanting to nap in the afternoon and an increase in DOMS it’s been extremely smooth. I will get bloods soon to see where I sit but psychologically/emotionally/physically it’s been nothing to worry about.

Keep us posted here.

Some think about coming off. I came off axiron for about a year prior to starting injections. I really didn’t feel much different coming off than i was on. In fact, i want to say sex drive was better while being off.

Blood work in 7 weeks after stopping.


Looks like LH and FSH are coming back to me. What were your levels pre TRT?

lH and FSH were lower . T and free T are slightly lower now but not by much. My lipid profile was much better in trt. I

Had I tested blood at 3 weeks I’m sure it would have shown LH back on line. No need for PCT