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Coming off Tren


Hey guys. Hopefully you can give me some advice. After only doing 1 bottle of BD Tren, shooting it EOD for 19 days I have decided to stop. The mood swings and sleepless nights were a bit too much for me, even at only 75mg EOD. Anyway, I was wondering if I should be overly concerned with PCT. I have some Nolva on hand just in case, but I haven't noticed any estrogenic side effects while on it. My balls seem to be a little smaller but my libido doesn't seem to be too affected. Any suggestions guys? Thanks


Taking tren with no test. No wonder you feel like crap.


I don't feel like crap. I never said that. If I had added test to the tren I would have had even worse mood swings. I've only done 1 bottle and stopped after 19 days. My question is this: Should I be overly concerned with PCT? I have Nolva on hand. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Srrry I missunderstood. Honestly I think you would be in a better mood if you were on test also. I would use some Nolva or some Dex or and mabee some clmoid..

Nothing too crazy 19 days isnt that long.

Good luck man. Hope you have better luck next time around.


I think some nolva and fenugreek ran in the right doses would work fine. Btw I've had very similar issues with tren, even stacked with test. IMO it makes no difference. Real anti-social, kinda irritable and my sleep is never that great.


I've never had brutal mood swings with tren, even when running it without test. As for the PCT I would definately run a 2 week protocal. Tren is very suppressive. For me 3 weeks of Tren feels like 6 weeks of test. I also find that my sex drive is almost nil after comming off of Tren so like I said before i think Nolva for PCT is a must. I would use some Trib with PCT also i find it does make a difference.


And fenugreek.


i doubt i'll ever use tren again. sure, i loved the lean mass and ridiculous strength gains....but i could barely deal with the night sweats and sexual sides i experienced. no mood swings or painfull pumps, just sick night sweats and erectile problems.i was running 110 prop and 80 tren EOD ( i know ED would have been better)....tren is not the best AAS choice for me personally.

hit your PCT hard. be aggressive and cover all your bases. clomid (or nolva), tribulus, ZMA, longjack, avena sativa.....leave no stone unturned.


Ummmmm erectile prolbems. Sounds like you needed some test in that cycle.


110 mg test prop & 80 mg tren EOD...the test was there....had to up the prop dosage to alleviate the unwanted sides.


tren really does sound counter- productive for some of you...


would melatonin & zma combat the inability to sleep associated with tren/fina?


I doubt it...


I'm finishing my first week of a Test Prop/Tren cycle and I sleep like a baby...but I'm on a low-carb/calorie restricted diet so maybe it's just exhaustion LOL


I'm wondering if the sides are not amplified when injecting eod instead of ed. I was on 80 mg test prop/50mg tren ed, and never had any problem. Oh - I had some trouble sleeping, but that is just par for the course with me.


I personally believe test is a must with Tren. At least it is for me. In the future, run cabergoline with the tren, even if your on test. The fluid based cabergoline is much cheaper then name brand dosinex and should control the sides....Freak