Coming Off the V-Diet

Interesting Tid-Bit:

For the most part I achieved the results I wanted on the V-Diet (the second time around).
I dropped from 203 to 188 and a few inches off my waist (though I did not measure this time). But I didn’t get as ripped as I wanted though; the result were nowhere as noticeable the first time around. That’s probably by the first time I did I was in the 15-20% bodyfat range and I dropped to 13-14. This time I was closer to 11 or 12 and I dropped to probably 9 or so…
My strength through decreased quite a bit more than last time. I couldn’t even maintain it. But I attempted a different program (3x3) to see the results.
Instead of transitioning off of it though I went back to straight massive eating (just a bit different on the calories). My first day off I even went out and got drunk with my buddies and used my new “I completed the V-Diet” look to attempt to woo some vixens (lets not go there).
And I gourged that weekend too (even an all you can eat pizza buffet). I even stopped taking HOT-ROX.

So by Monday naturally I was back up 5lbs to 193 (hmm the body normally holds 6 lbs of water in a well fed individual in just glycogen stores alone).
But then I resumed my “CLEANEST” bulking yet at 3000 kcals. And Surprisingly I’ve gone back down 191 and held steady there so far; if anything I’d guess I’m still losing fat.

So for anyone that wants to see what a clean vegetarian diet looks like (I’m not grouping the meals together or saying when I eat the stuff b/c that’s not how I keep food logs. Basically if I eat something I write it with the kcals down, but this shows the order in which I ate food):


Raisins, cup of oatmeal, protein powder

Stir Fry vegetables cooked in cooking spray, and egg whites with olive oil added


Misc (Figure in all the gum I chewed, or breath mints etc throughout the day)

Two more apples

My workout shake (whey protein isolate and dextrose mixed with sugar free kool-aid mix)

3 potatoes, slice of bread post workout, and protein shake

Frozen Peanut butter and protein mixed together

3 cheese sticks

2 carrots

And I was supposed to have cottage cheese but I fell asleep…

Not bag for a veggie :slight_smile:

Very interresting stuff buddy.

Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t know you ate egg whites. Good for you. Much better than pure vegan.