Coming Off Test to Lose Water Weight and Go Back On?

So I did a blast of 500mg test c a few months ago and I gained a lot of water weight and even after lowering my dose to trt levels of 60mg a week I wasn’t losing any of it but I did stop gaining more. I added an ai and I lost some of the water weight but not nearly as much as I gained.

I was wondering if I came off to lose all the water weight then came back on but to a low dose of 60mg a week would I still gain back all that water weight? I’ve been off for about 10 days and I’ve been losing about .5 - 1 pound a day and almost down to my pre testosterone weight of 165 currently at 175

How do you know you’re losing water weight and not just muscle you may or may not have built while on cycle?

Sorry, but what was the point of going on cycle if you are going back to your pre-cycle numbers?

Probably not since taking 60mg of test/wk would likely put you on the lower end of natural testosterone numbers while keeping your natural production shut down.

Yeah I am losing measurement size but my muscles are looking super defined now and my face is leaning out. You are right that 60mgs may put me at a low level but pre testosterone my levels were only 280ng/dl total t, my initial cruise dose was 100mg a week and that put me at <1500 ng/dl so I decided to go to only 60mgs and I still felt good but still wasn’t losing water though I am unsure where 60mgs puts me at.

You certainly respond well to lower doses. However if I were you I’d get my T checked since you basically halved your dose from 100 to 60.

As for the water thing, you just have to give it some time. You yourself stated that you are getting more defined and face leaning out

Why do you think its water? Maybe its just caloric surplus also know as fat.
People very often misinterpret what they gain. It wouldnt be a surprise if you actually gained fat and that is the reason why SOME “water” did go away on a lower dose, but some didn’t. Because whats left is fat.