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Coming off T-Dawg diet

I’ve recently been on a cutting phase using the T-Dawg diet and GBC training for 6 weeks. I’m 5’9", 173 lb, 8% bodyfat. Now I’d like to begin Ian’s Leg and Chest/Back programs concurrently to put on some mass. I plan on using Androsol, Tribex, Ribose, Power Drive and Methoxy-7. Does anybody have any diet/supplement recommendations for this type of program? I’ve been thinking about using the Get Big diet.

The Get Big Diet kicks ass if you slightly lower the carbs and double the protein.

Double the protein from 0.6, 0.8, or 1.0 g/lb LBM? If you double the protein do you keep the Calories the same? Also, do I need to ease into using higher carbs again after being on the T-Dawg diet?

While using androsol and/or methoxy-7 consume 2g per lb. of body weight. If your main goal is to “get big” just keep the carbs the same. I did this same thing recently except with out the andro or methoxy-7 and I actually lost a little fat and got noticeably bigger while using this diet and Ian’s programs.

Thanks Jesse. I’ll give it a try after a couple more weeks of the T-Dawg. I think I’m going to start Ian’s leg program 3 weeks before starting his chest/back workout to offset the phases. Did you take any time off during the program(s)? If you did them, when did you do abs, calves, rotator cuff, etc?

I took a five day break after six weeks. I trained calves on the leg days. I had a high volume day and a low volume day. I did abs only once a week and I did them on quad dominant day. Hope this helps.

Alternating high and low volume days seems like a good way to train calves. Poliquin’s Luke Sauder routine is like that, but I wonder if it would be too much to add that routine on top of Ian’s leg program.