Coming Off Steroids, Joining Military

well pretty much i just cleared from tesosterone enanthate last month and started dbol 7 days ago 25mg a day and just stopped last night because my goals in life have changed and i have finally got my head in check. Please im not asking for flame or hating on me guys please i really wanna make a change in my life and much help would be appreciated.

I was wondering since im going to Meps to take my urine/blood test if they test for steroids and if anything would show up. And if they didnt test or maybe i decide to clear before i go could they tell my levels are messed up or something is out of whack from my urine or blood please go into full detail i really wanna know if im ok fully to go get my test done please help me instead of criticizing me and i know the dbol was stupid big time so please help guys .

I imagine they would be more worried about recreational drugs like cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, etc… which happen to be very cheap to test for. Dianabol will clear within a few days, yet metabolites of it can be detected for weeks afterwards. That being said those tests are prohibitively expensive, and I doubt they would go to that expense, considering the rampant steroid use already common within the military.

Good luck,