Coming off of TRT, Scared and Need Help

It may have been the finasteride all along, it seems.

I’ts been just under a year of TRT(400iu HCG 3xweek; 50mg test enanthate 2xweek) and I have pushed my test level from low-normal to optimum, to well above range.

Most recent bloods:
Total Test: 1095 ng/dl
Estradiol: 22 pg/ml
*I cannot provide ranges or other results because this is all the endocrinologist would share with me
**my estradiol never once read as elevated, and I checked it neurotically
***my thyroid is also in perfect condition. I ran the battery of tests recommended on this forum and others and consulted a specialist.

I haven’t felt a lick of improvement on the testosterone. When I ran the HCG solo there was maybe a little recovery, but I’ve since doubled my testosterone with no improvement to ED, sleep, mood, body shape, etc. Furthermore, TRT has raised my blood pressure, which could interfere with a a veinous bypass in my leg.

TRT was worth a shot, but it just isn’t for me, and now I need to get off fast, without crashing as I did the last time I quit TRT cold turkey(which basically turned me into an insane person). Doctors are of course useless with this, suggesting either stopping at once or tapering for a year.

Should I look into a PCT? I have been using HCG throughout so my testicles are still healthy and ought to be ready to kick back into gear.

Any input would be very appreciated. Thanks guys.

If I didn’t have clomiphene as an option I think I would taper down to 10mg E3D gradually. I’m on 25mg twice a week and I’m pretty sure I’m still producing a small amount of endogenous T.

Look at the Test taper protocol thread in the steroids forum.

Read the last few posts on my SERM restart thread. This is my third one. The first time I didn’t know enough to realize is was working. Was too focused on total T. The 2nd didn’t work at all. This one is working really well so far. Just need to get E2 under control.

500IU HCG a couple times a week with Test.
Drop Test.
500IU HCG ED for a couple weeks.
25mg Clomid ED for a couple weeks
25mg Clomid EOD for a couple weeks
Now reducing Clomid to 25mg E4D. Will retest and hopefully keep reducing. Next would be 12.5mg E4D.
Aromasin to try and control E2 throughout. I’ve always had issues with E2. Might add formasurge back in.

This is all on my own with no prescriptions. Just easier than dealing with docs that don’t have a clue. International pharmacy for cheap HCG and clomid. Research chem company for Aromasin.

Sorry for the delayed response to your very much appreciated replies.

I’ve tapered down to a quarter dose (just testosterone, not HCG -doc declined to renew my prescription) for roughly two weeks with no noticeable fallout; then again, my endo claimed that I was producing “about zero” LH when I made the decision to withdraw, so I’ll bet I’m just riding the tippy-tail end of T-enthanate’s half life.

I’m digging the idea of a SERM restart. As well as cushioning my TRT withdrawal crash, it seems to be a good option for men whose testicles are ok but who have otherwise crappy HPTAs, like myself.

I’ll give it a shot. I tried clomid once before, for about a week at 25mg/day. It made me fall madly in love with my sister’s roommate. Got some left over.

Can anyone vouch for the red lion website’s SERMS?

Just tapering T is less than ideal. Seems like a really bad idea if you can avoid it. Definitely get some HCG and/or a SERM. I went straight to a SERM with zero results in the past, I was taking low dose HCG while on T. I can’t recommend HCG strongly enough. 500IU a day for a couple weeks worked really well for me.