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Coming Off of Test E After 16 Weeks

Hello everyone,

I want to start off and say that I know what I have done with my personal use of T has not been the most intelligent nor wise. I am 27 years old and have been using Test E for the past 11 months. Began at running 500mg/week for roughly 16 weeks. Dropped my dose down to 250mg/week for roughly 4 weeks, dropped again to 125mg/week for roughly 4 weeks and now am at roughly 62.5mg/week. Forgot to add that I have been off and on test and other compounds earlier in my 20s. So I feel as though I may be completely jacked up.

I am wanting to come off and begin the production of my natural testosterone again. I am interested in PCT/HTPA restart. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have ready about the nolva/clomid/hcg combo for pct, but honestly I’m lost.

If my natural test is a lost cause, I have come to terms with TRT, but would most definitely like to attempt to bring back my own production if possible.

Thank you.

How long have you been using? Cumulatively

It’s really Russian roulette. Some guys don’t recover after one cycle, others bounce back after decades of consistent abuse.

Start HCG now. 250iu eod for the next two weeks. Stop pinning test. After the washout (two weeks is good enough) start using the Nolva. 20mg/d for the next six weeks. Wait a month, get blood work, assess the results.

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Cumulative use is around 7-8 years. 2019-2020 was no use at all. And the most recent use was the one I outlined above.

And thank you for that advice, I’ll get on ordering the hcg and nolva