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Coming Off of Letrozole Causing a Dip in Test?


I know taking femara will cause a drop in estrogen and a spike in test.
I also know that coming off of femara causes a spike in estrogen when you get off of it.

What I wanna know is will it cause a strong dip in natural test production as well when you come off of it?
gradual dip?
gradual dip then rise back to normal levels?
no dip, just gradual taper?

I recognize that tapering off of femara will probably reduce likeliness of strong dips or spikes in test or estro... or will it?
I also recognize that these reactions in the body is dependent on the individual... I am looking for averages or most probable

Anybody here familiar with effects of femara on test and estrogen value on: inial dose, middle of the dosing program, upon
abrupt cessation, and upon tapered cessation?


First off why are you taking letro? I've only heard of this as a maintainence in a cycle. If you are not on testosterone getting a slight case of gyno I really do not understand your use of the product. Sorry if I may be ignorant or ill informed of some other use of this product.



Be careful with off cycle letro use. Its not hard to reduce your E2 too low.

Anastrozole is an easier drug to work with.


dont be sorry.

Im taking really really low doses of it. 16mcg per day. I read somewhere that really low doses raises your test and cuts estro by 1/3.
I wanted to see what this would feel like. I've never taken something that lessens estrogen and I wanted to see what I would look like with slightly lower estrogen. So I took it for 2 weeks, and got what I wanted. I looked noticeably drier and the definition on my forearms are pretty nuts....also... my acne, which I've had for a while is going away. I quite like the pimples going away... but nevertheless would like to get off of it. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do so... to taper... or not.


thanks. Ill try that next.


You need a minimum amount of estrogen to maintain good health. Using AIs without knowledge of your starting levels can cause long-term health risks if estrogen levels drop below what is optimum. For example, risks for osteoporosis and cardio disease increase dramatically, as well as the risk of death from all causes. Not to mention the loss of libido.


i know this, thanks.
im taking very low doses. very low. and for a very short amount of time.
thanks guys for all your warnings. you guys are great. i feel so well cared for here.

now i was wondering...
can Coming Off of Letrozole Cause a Dip in Test?


Taper off of it, slowly. Lower the dose and increse the amount of days between doses.

If you keep your E2 in the low normal range there really isnt much to worry about with contiual use. Blood tests are necessary.

Check out the TRT forum for info on how to interpret numbers


basically ill only be increasing amount of time between doses. I calculated one drop to have approx sixteen micrograms, which is what ive been taking, one drop in the morning... i cant really lessen that dose anymore.

so tapering works eh... cool.

does that sound right? sixteen micrograms to one drop?
bottle says twopointfive milligrams per thirty milliliters.


BONEZ: Have you tried exemestane? You said to space out AI dosages while tapering. Couldn't skipping a a day or two of dosing cause gyno? I read changing levels of estrogen can be worse than just high estrogen, but I'm not sure if that sounds right.

With continual usage, I would be worried about fertility issues. Maybe there isn't a big risk, but the hormone system is delicate, why take the risk.

spinsy: I think exemestane would be a good choice for an AI. It irreversibly binds to the aromatase enzyme. That means new enzymes would have to be produced before estrogen production could resume. With letro and arimidex, the AI falls off the enzyme after a few days. I think that might cause a slow rise in estrogen, but I'm not sure. It doesn't interfer with nolvadex absorbtion. It also only lowers estrogen production to like 30% at max dose, whereas letrozole can lower it to 5%.


I kinda wanted the slow rise in estrogen...back to normal levels.
For the most part, this was just an experiment to see how my body would
respond to a powerful AI in small doses. I don't think I'll be going around
looking for aromasin just to see how that works. I already got what I wanted and am
now getting off of it. I also have Arimidex, which I will try next; probably in 4 weeks or so.

What I did find is that with one drop of the dropper of femara in the morning, which is approx 16mcg, did give me a kind of boost in the gym. The weights did feel lighter, and my stroke felt more focused and tactile. Probably the best part about trying this out was the slow disappearance of my pimples.

I normally am somewhat of a pimply dude... not crazy bad.. but whenever I'm not messing with my hormones with test boosters and stuff, I normally have atleast one pimple or two... when on test boosters, I have a handful of them. When I took femara, at the one drop dose in the morning, after about 3-4 days, my pimples started going away... very cool. When I mixed femara with the test boosters, I still got the pimples, but not as bad.

So, it seems that femara tends to lessen my pimples, make me stronger, leaner, etc. Not by a whole lot... but... I can see it mattering when you stay on a very low dose of this stuff for a couple of months. If only for my pimples going away, I already like it; though I do recognize that it can be dangerous to lower estrogen for a really long time, so i intend to use it sparingly, or maybe at even lower doses.... maybe a drop on the tongue every two days when i do decide to get on it for my pimples.

for now, imma test out arimidex too...see how that works. prob two drops with that every morning. imma try that in 4 weeks maybe.