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Coming off of fat fast


I want to come off of fat fast in 6 days. 4 days after I come off I am going on vacation and will pay no regard to diet or my liver while on vacation. What should I do in those 4 days as not to swell up with water and glycogen? Also would it be wise to snap back to T-Dawg and meltdown after my vacation? The reason I ask the latter of the two is I am worried of putting my body under to much stress. Thanks for helping me see my dick again.(to all those thinking that is a inmature comment, i am simply making reference to losing fat and able to see down to my feet with out having to see my belly which i have coined as Mount Mikey)


Please help I only have 122 hours until I'm off the diet


Well, if you dont want to swell up with glycogen it comes to reason you need to keep your carbs at a minimum.

If you want to stave off water bloat, then youll need to cut off all sodium back as much as possible, eliminate creatine supplements, and possibly use an over the counter diuretic, which is usually safe. Youll want to keep your water intake at a minimum (6 cups sounds reasonable), and possibly drink a cup of coffee in place of a cup of water, as it will act as a diuretic. Your performance with so little water will however be less than your best.

While I wouldnt use it, Glycerol will reduce the water underneath your skin. However it has more calories than carbs and tastes horrendous.

30-40 mins cardio in the morning will also dry you out of any excess water.