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Coming off of Fat Fast

Been on fat fast for 3 weeks. Lost around 18lbs. on MD6, T2, and Androsol. Doing Dawg School routine (been out of the gym for a loooong time). Now I want to come off of Fat fast next week but I don’t want to rebound. Can someone suggest the best way to reintroduce carbs and full calories (now eating around 1300/day) without having a big rebound effect? I am going to use Don’t Diet but don’t know the best way to get from here to there. I sure don’t want my Fat Fast to be for naught. Thanks in advance.

Week 1 - add back in 2 P+C meals (breakfast and Surge after workout).
Week 2 - add a 3rd P+C meals.
Week 3 - add a 4th P+C meal (I’m assuming that you eat 8 meals a day so of course adjust as needed depending on carbohydrate needs).
Week 4 - back to normal. A progression like this should work very well for reintroducing carbs back into the diet.

Search through the old Appetite for Construction columns. JB had some recommendations for coming off low-carb diets (concerning supplementation as well), although I can’t recall which issue it was exactly.

Do I just go back up the the calories recommended in Don’t Diet immediately? (by increasing my P+F meal volume) or should I be scaling calories slowly up as well? Thanks so much. And to Eric: I searched for that column to no avail. I will look again.

Slowly increase your calories by 100-150 a day until you hit the predicted Don’t Diet calories. Definately don’t just make a 1500 calorie jump.

hmm I’ve tried to find that article too and can’t find it, it will be in the last place I look (how ironic…). Anywho I remmember it stating something along these lines, eat a carb meal (along the lines of oatmeal) in the morning then have some carbs after workouts. Then slooooowly reintroduce normal carb consumption. If you want to be ideal and if you can withstand it I’d say add 500 cals a week from whole foods (meat) and morning and post workout carbs. In 2 weeks I"m going to end my FF, and I’m going to do the oatmeal morning and post workout deal. When I stop with the MD6 I’m sure my appetite is going to skyrocket so I will eat whenever I like (unlike ignoring hunger while on FF) and not really worry about calories (small portions tho), but I won’t eat carbs instead meats and continue with 5 shakes a day in addition to the increased cals. Lemme know what your experience is when you come off the FF please…

Here’s the link:

Sorry I didn’t include it with my first post; I was in a hurry. Hope it helps. Let us know how it turns out. Best of luck.