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Coming Off of Creatine

What should I expect, coming off of pwo creatine? Is it basically losing a few pounds of water weight, and appearing dryer?

thanks a lot!

why would you??

um a slow loss of muscle fullness and the ability creatine gives from the extra ATP stores to give that extra lil umph


it always seems to make me drowsy for awhile.

My supply is almost done and I’m broke until my summer job. My parents aren’t fond of me weight training at all, and ordering from Biotest pretty much requires me to spend a minimum of $150.

Because of these circumstances and this time of year, SATs, AP tests, finals, I’ve decided to do Waterbury Perfect 10 and one total body workout a week and some swimming to try and conserve what little Surge and creatine I have, and keep my energy levels up so I can cram. There’s no cramming when I’m exhausted all the time.

I’m curious though as to whether I would appear dryer. It’s not a big deal, but during the day when I retain extra water, it causes tissue around my nipples to protrude noticeably, as opposed to in the morning when it’s perfectly fine.(I have low enough bodyfat for visible abs) Would that at least be reduced?

no likely not drier
creatine raises intramuscular hydration

Hopefully you don’t go insane.


Hah, that’s pretty funny! Not shoe guy caliber, but a good read.
Don’t want to start anything/toot my horn, but comparing myself to that guy, I’m 16 versus his 24, a swimmer, so lifting in general is secondary, and I generally train for strength first. I’ve been lifting for 2 years on and off and while he is definately stronger, he is nowhere near 7 training years ahead of me. 2 years in some lifts and maybe 1 in others. Our height, weight, and body comp are virtually even.

Sorry DW :]

EDIT: to clarify, I don’t really even consider my lifts to be too big of a deal. Why are his especially since he trained for 9 years?

Just go to GNC and buy a big tub of it for about 20 bucks. I always try to get my stuff from Biotest but if it between not having 150 for an order and needed something I’ll just buy it localy

Also never workout less to conserve supplments that is backwards thinking,
I understand the other reasons though

“coming off”?

It’s just creatine, it’s not like it’s a steroid.

Your may lose a bit of strength at the end of the sets, if at all. Probably nothing noticeable.
You may lose a pound or two of water weight.
Nothing much else.

[quote]florin wrote:
“coming off”?

It’s just creatine, it’s not like it’s a steroid.


LOL…exactly what I was thinking. It’s like…

Hey guys…I’m coming off Chocolate Milk, so should I expect anything?

wait, creatine isn’t a steroid??

I’m kidding…
well, my swim coach was serious at least…