Coming off MD6

I just finished up my low carb cycle while supplementing T2 and md6 and boy today has sucked, I’ve been so tired and so hungry its not funny. You don’t know how good this shit works until you come off of it. Any others have experiences like this? What you do to stay sane?

Just ween off of it next time, using fewer caps per day for a couple of days. For now you could go to two caps per day, then one, then off. Power Drive is a good non-stimulant mood booster too to use when not using MD6.

I haven’t come off of MD6 yet but I did off of Hydroxycut. I cut the doses for about 3 days untill I ran out of it. Bad idea… next day (luckily it was a weekend) I had a huge freakin headache, was tired like you, and had major cravings. I should saved one pill and cut it in half, then take it mid morning or somethin.

Switch to plain caffine pills for a week and then wean off those. It avoids the major “withdrawl” discomfort and lack of energy.