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Coming Off Long Blast and Cruise - 25 Y.O

Created a new account to remain anonymous. I’m 25 years old and have been blasting and cruising for 3 years and 4 months. 3 months on, 3 months TRT dose ~200mg/week. Never gone over a gram of total gear on a blast, but have used tren 4-5 times during this time period. Due to a new job I will have to come off indefinitely. Please do not bash me for my choices, I have been an avid weight lifter since the age of 13 and started gear use at 20. I grew up with bodybuilding and powerlifting posters all over my walls. I knew at a young age I would use gear.
After the up and downs of cruising and being depressed during PCT I decided that B+C would be the best route. I’m 5’11 245 pounds with a 440 bench, 700 deadlift, 570 high bar ATG squat, 315 standing OHP without any leg drive. I’m trying to paint a picture for you guys, I am a very big guy. 20 inch arms. 28 inch thighs. 19 inch calves. It has been ingrained in my identity. But I know that this career is more important and losing it and the ability to provide for me and my family is not a risk I am willing to take. The legality + new job will make it impossible for me to continue using. I know there is a good chance of me needing TRT for the rest of my life, and I am 100% okay with that and have accepted it. I am going to run power PCT and hope to recover naturally.
My questions are: What are my chances of natural recovery? How weak am I going to get over the next few months… How much size am I going to lose? Am I going to be a shell of who I am today? Obviously I am way past my genetic natural limit. However, I was benching about 350 pounds before I started using anything. I plan on getting bloods in a few months after PCT - I imagine I will not fully recover. At 25 - How do I go about getting TRT if I need it?

Thank you all for your help.

All of those questions are impossible to answer.


Go to a endo and explain your situation.

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Natural recovery is possible but it might take a very long time. Don’t be surprised if it takes at least a year. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recover and need to go on TRT for the rest of your life. Good thing is you are young and recovery is probably more possible then if you were older.

You will lose size and strength. However if you continue with trt dose the chances of losing a lot of size and strength is much less a possibility then if you try and run pct and get your natural production back.

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An endo at a local hospital, or a private TRT clinic?

You would be better off going private. Just explain you have used/abused steroids for a long time you are now trying to stop and you are not intrested in recovering and would like to look at trt. A lot of these places are the equivalent of pill mills for opiate addicts. They don’t really care if you have low testosterone or not they want your money they have a cookie cutter protocol they give people and send you on your way.

Test stasis and taper with a SERM. You’ll recover.

Thank me later.


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Just so you know a typical employment drug test screens for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, and alcohol.

Most places don’t care about PEDs. There are cases where they do (pro sports for example).

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Can you elaborate?

You are exactly right. I won’t be tested for them. But if I had any legal issues because of PEDs, I would definitely lose my career.This is why I want to look into legal TRT. I imagine it’s not very likely to get in trouble, but still a chance I don’t want to take. I don’t make any money from powerlifting/BBing.

If gone through a private clinic, is it covered by medical insurance? Or are these visits/buying the TRT vials something you pay for out of pocket?

If you want a competent doctor, you will likely pay out of pocket. Tele-medicine might be an option for you. You have to usually get a physical, send in the results, then do blood work and they will base a protocol off of your blood work.

Defy is a recommended clinic that can be used through the phone. It will run you likely about 2K per year doing that route. They also do restarts (PCT) for people.

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Good point. My understanding is that the government is not all that interested in someone with a handful of vials. They are going after dealers. If you want to be careful there is nothing wrong with that.

A lot of times visits will be covered but the testosterone won’t be. Usually in order to get insurance to cover it you have to be below the bottom of normal range which is ridiculous.

But if it’s important for job security or whatever really I don’t care what your reason are bottom line is you want to stop using gear and you either want to try and recover in which case I suggest following @Singhbuilder reccomendation or if you want trt spend some money and make it happen

Which brings me to my next question: What is the likelihood of having legal issues /being caught for buying a few vials every few months from a domestic online source? Have any of you guys ever heard of anyone ever being charged with possession if they are strictly on the receiving end?

Most of us in this forum use PEDs gotten illegally and we all have families and careers at stake. I guess I’m not sure why you think that you will get in trouble someday since you are getting a new job?

This job is in LE. So I just feel like I have to be extra careful. You make a good point as you often do. Maybe I’m being paranoid. edit: see question above? @studhammer

I think LE is forgiving of PED use. I have heard it is one of the highest use professions out there (pro BBing being the highest).

Coleman was obviously on and a cop.

Also, if it is being mailed to you, and you don’t have any record of ordering it (bit coin), and other measures to hide your activity, then it is hard to prosecute. You can’t control what someone sends you in the mail.

If you get a letter from the post office asking you to come in for a package (after ordering something illegal), do not do it.

I don’t think bitcoin is untraceable though, or anonymous; everything is saved in the block chain. Also, wouldn’t your name be in the site’s order list? Let’s say the UGL gets busted, a bunch of names of orders are found. Do the feds actually do anything about the orderers? I can’t see that happening realistically.

No body is spending time to trace block chain back to a guy ordering a few vials.

Don’t take this the wrong way but your not that important. None of us using gear for personal reasons are. If a ugl gets busted then they have thier big fish no one is spending time or money to set up a cross state investigation to try and prove you are the person who ordered gear. Even if your name and address are on a peice of paper with what you ordered at the labs house they then have to spend the time and money to prove it. It’s just not realistic.

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