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Coming Off Keto?


hey guys, just wondering if u're keto dieting and u reached your desired level of leannes how do u go back to eating carbs without turning into a fatass. Basically you wouldn't want all the hard work to go.




I just eat the same amount of calories, but sub out fats for carbs. If your calories are the same you won't get fat. You may bloat and retain some water, but don't confuse this as fat gain. It'll flush away.


Are you serious? Why would you even go keto if you didn't know what the physiological effects were? You're going to be pretty glycogen depleted so the scale will really piss you off if you've been using that as a way to gauge progress.


thnx guys.

phatkins i am just reading about it haven't done it yet. plus if i do it i'll use the mirror as a way to gauge progress i never use the scale.


Take it in easy steps...

Introduce a P+C shake PWO
Then introduce a P+C 1-2 hours after PWO shake
Depending on when you train you could implement a further P+C meal after this one
Then possibly introduce P+C breakfast on training days to keep glycogen well stocked
On off days and at all other times eat P+F meals... with 0-15g carbs per meal.
Start off with all carbs super clean except PWO shake... non starchy veg, berries, some fruits, etc. Then progressively you can introduce more starchy, carb dense foods - particulary in the P+C meals after training.

Despite not making ideal progress on a recent low carb diet... I was quite happy upping the calories by almost 1000cals straight after the diet by following these steps and upping training volume.

If you are in a calorific deficit you could step the calories up over 0-4 weeks... but I have been prefering to jump back in the saddle with careful nutrient timing and upped training volume.

Just my £0.02