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Coming Off Injury, Ready to Squat

I’m coming off 7 months where I was very limited in my training due to a wrist injury and surgery. I’m cleared, and want to get to squatting again. I gained 15 pounds in 7 weeks last time I squatted and ate consistently and I want to get back to that and surpass that.

What are my options for squatting 3x/week?

I would like to follow something that allows me to squat and press 3x/week with cleans, chins and rows as supplemental/assistance work.

any full body template in either 5/3/1 or Beyond 5/3/1. Also check out 5/3/1 for beginners; just google “5/3/1 beginner template” and go strait to Wendler’s personal site.

You know your body, but do you really want to jump back into cleans at this point coming off a wrist injury? Worth the risk?