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coming off injuries

What are some recommended ways of easing off an injury? In my instance I hurt a tendon at my shoulder that put me of chest workouts. 10 weeks later it is still tender and the doctor says it takes a long time to heal tendons. 3 weeks later again I started chest workouts with light weight. 3x12 @ 50% max Incline, same for reg bench. some light flyes. My plan is to slowly increase up to normal working weight.

Any suggestions for better plan?


One of the authors wrote a brief (I think his name started with Peter) on using light eccentrics to speed tendon repair. As well, Bryan Haycock believes that lactic acid production is useful for healing/strengthening tendons. So, high-rep light eccentric training should be the recommended cure. Course, I don’t really know - I’ve never needed to use it much myself.