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Coming Off Glucose Disposal Agents


I've been taking Glycobol for about 3 months now, and I figured it's time to have a month off so that my body can re-sensitize to it when I next start. My worry is though that the body becomes so used to having assistance shovelling those carbs away that when I stop there'll be some kind of rebound fat gain. Can anyone put me at ease?


reduce the amount of carbs you were consuming while on the product slowly and see how your body reacts


I agree with Cally; I would reduce the amount of carbs slightly. I'm not sure, but I think with these types of products, you may succeed in "resetting" your body to handle carbs better for a time (several months) after you stop the product.

BTW How did Glycobol work for you? I've been thinking about trying it out since I'm too poor for Indigo right now.