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Coming off diet, gained 8 lbs in a week- need help!

Been on a diet for 7 weeks eating 1700-2000 cals/day with an average of 20 min cardio/day. LOst 11 lbs…Now coming off the diet, I started eating at what I consider round 200 cals below maintenance- 2400 cals/day BUT still keeping cardio.
And I have gained 8 lbs IN ONE WEEK=( what gives?? Is my metabolism totally screwed or what? One reason I can think of is my meals: started eating veggies( beans, giant peas, onions, meat…mixed) A LOT. Each meal weigh about 800 grams and I hardly ever take a crap. Water weight gained?

Were you on a pretty low carb diet? Obviously, it would be very tough to put on 8 pounds of muscle or fat in a week. My guess is that 5 or 6 is glycogen returning, and the other 2 or 3 is the dump you’ll soon be taking. Drink more water for a day or two. If that doesn’t work, pick up a fiber supplement.

AARRGH! dood that blows… only thing I can console you with is that it maybe mostly water and stuff… anywho get this I"ve been on a FatFast for 4 weeks, and I bottomed out on it at 197 end of week 4. Then I start eating carbs in the mornings (at about 100grams of ems) get this 2 days later I actrually was 195 (more water loss? freaky) and now a week later I’m 198 while eating clean but not worrying too much about carbs.

Is the gain mostly muscle glycogen/water replenishment or is the calipers showing your fat cells actually swelling?

Yes. During your first week of dieting you will usually lose 6 to 10 pounds (dependant on your bodywieght and other factors) this is because your body has started to burn the stored glycogen. Which is stored not only in the muscles, but in the liver as well. Each molecule of glycogen is stored with three of water.
Now, that you have returned to your old below maintainance levels your are gaining your stores back. This means you have most likely stored 2lbs of glycogen and six of water. Also sinc eyou have started storing at below maintainance level it mean you have also lower your maintainance level.
Try backing up to 200 calories above your diet level and slowly increase your calories from there.
Best O’ Luck
If you are restoring

After the first initial shock I am slowly coming to my senses. By the look in the mirror I can san say that I have not gained 8 lbs of fat. My lower abs looks a little blurred if compared to when on the diet( when I felt “flatter”) but its more that I feel fuller, almost bloated, when flexing my abs…
My lifts are going up like CRAAAZZZ----eee!which is the good side of it though… But still, 8lbs sounds like a lot of weight=/ Did diets before and never ever put on this amount of weight when coming back( just 2-3 lbs). My diet was not low carb.