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Coming Off Cycle

I’ve done a lot of searches but came up empty-so,I’m wondering if clomid is recommended for coming off a 2/4week cycle of androsol/finosol? If so, why? I got tremendous results from this cycle and have been off for 8 days without any muscle loss so far. I’m using Tribex & Meth.7 and continue to get more ripped with each passing day-I’m eating LOTS too.Strength gains aren’t as rapid as when I was “on” but I’m still gaining.Oh, this was my FIRST cycle (if you can call it that) other than pro-hormones,and yes,I know TA isn’t estrogenic, but will it shut down natural T production? Any & all info is appriciated.

Thanks for all your help guys!!!

You’re welcome! Glad we could help.

This has been discussed at least a billion times. I just did a search for “inhibition” and about the fourth post listed by Bill Roberts pretty much answers your question.

Thanks BMU. I searched TA,FINA,FINASOL,FINIPLEX which took 3hrs. I found what i needed & thanks again. Oh,ANTONIO I know your a fat ass so your help was not required.

Sorry bro I wrote BMU when it should have been BMJ

Hey! I’m not fat, I’m just big boned.