Coming Off Cycle, Recovery and Being 'ON' Full Time.....

OK as i mentioned in another thread, i going on again with little to no rest… there are a few personal reasons for this, so i dont recommend you young lads who have started cycling do this - especially you Runt… ok?

I have a question to you older, more experienced guys… the ones who have been using for years, have made great gains, know your shit and have pretty much felt the full force of side that AAS inevitably bring with them.

How many of you actually recover at all within 6-10 weeks (not many i bet!) and how many just stay on, or may as well stay on with the frequency you use? i know it is personal so…
if you dont want to admit it here, please PM me.

I am asking due to wanting the honest truth as to what i can expect when searching for my own recovery times. And if i should bother, or just stay on for a few years then trt or try and recover or what.

I am not phased by this, as i have said before an injection every few days for life dont bother me, but i would like to be aware of the facts before making my decisions in these matters.

Thanks guys.


Great thread topic, lets see some responses!

I was off 5 weeks with no PCT, my source didn’t come through so I was kinda left dry.

started turning into pudge, lost energy and strenght, felt sleepy all the time, and overall like shit.

jumped back on test because I couldnt stand it anymore, 250/week until I get some PCT.

Not that this answers your question, but just thought Id post my recent experience.

btw Ive been on juice since 20 on and off…doing my own research based on my own bodys reaction to juice. I must admit everything prior to this last cycle has been a waste, a crazy emotional rollercoaster, and without PCT this last cycle has been somewhat a waste also.

I put on 25 lbs…Im down about 7, probably more in muscle mass since I started getting fat when I got off.

For me personally mate I have never managed to come off without suffering some sort of dip, maybe that�??s normal, maybe that�??s me fucking it up I don’t really know.

But to be totally honest my main reason (but not the only one) for running permanent TRT and upping to 3 cycles a year in-between is so I do not have to deal with coming off.

I have my two kids so I do not care about any possible effect to fertility.

I have regular blood works that so far are fine.

If I notice any negative effects on health I will have to bite the bullet and come off for good, but for me right now TRT is great.

I personally think you will find that your cycle will fall short of your expectations. This may be due to unrefreshed receptors or a general corrosion of anabolic systems not really sure.

There are however a number of ways that the process can be sped up, until i went on full time i only ran 3 cycles a year at most but i did have several attempts at back to back cycles, the first two were like sex without cumming, the third, after making the above mentioned adjustments in my life, the third was on par with a fresh cycle.

My cycles now will always precede this preparation phase as i think being constantly on does take a toll on the body in some ways, maybe not unhealthy ways but certainly ways lol

PM me if you are interested and i will explain my routine which could be consolidated to 3 weeks and if you commit to it.

JJ sent you a PM on this shows my view.