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Coming Off Clomid?

I did 300mg andro 1 + 20mg nolva(because of estrogenic effects. Don’t ask how, because I do not know) ED for 4-5 weeks. Then I went on Clomid following a minor HPTA shutdown (balls were pretty shrunk, maybe 65-80% of their normal size). I felt really assertive and somewhat standoffish, probably made some people that I know feel a bit put off.

How does going off Clomid make you feel? Is there any downregulation that could cause an estrogenic hormonal rebound when you cease administering the drug? Or a rebound that could cause a reduction in the secretion of LH below physiological levels that a person might normally have? Or both?

What can I expect coming off in terms of emotional state in contrast to my normal (unaltered hormones) emotional state.

Oh, and I know the 1-AD was a super low dose; it probably was not worth it, but it was definitely good experiment to undertake. It definitely made me think more about trying a real cycle.

I used it to spare muscle and try to help bring up lagging bodyparts while cutting (pulling musculature sucks…biceps are still lagging), and it worked, but it wasn’t worth the mental effects.

I definitely should have found some 4-AD to stack on top of it, or left it out entirey. Pretty shitty PH by itself, in my opinion. But that’s besides the point really…I’m just wondering if when I go off Clomid, will I get off this emotional rollercoaster I’m on lol…