Coming Off Blast & Cruise

it has been 18 weeks of blast and cruise and now it seems hair follicle gods have forsaken me
therefore I’ve decided that my blasting days shall end with me nearing 30 (27)
2 cycles. test only at 400mg’s for 9 weeks and test prop dbol cycle for 6 weeks with 3 weeks in between them. Currently cruising on 120mg test e
the original plan was to blast and cruise until I get the body I wanted and cruise for the rest of my life because I don’t really care as long as the trade off is good but since I only halfway got what I wanted before the deal ended, i figured I should at least TRY to come off before dooming myself in defeat.
long story short 18 week blast and cruise 2 cycles no harsh compounds like tren used and am going bald so want to try coming off and wondering what kind of a pct plan I should be looking at, that is if naturally recovery after this is possible at all.

Most will tell you nolva as pct. Generally at 40, 40, 20, 20. You could look at doing additional weeks at 20 a day since your cycle was long. Hcg during your bridge might help. Don’t run it during nolva. I would run 500iu eod until you get to nolva time which should be 3 weeks.

What amount of hair loss have you experienced? Like visibly noticeable yet?

Also, are you from Colorado?

well they say you don’t notice it visibly until half of it is gone and I have started seeing hair in my shampoo sessions lately. even though I have barely any stress in my life. not to mention this one time this barber commented on my hair thinning out on the back of my head
no I’m not from colorado

I was thinking of something wild like starting at 100mg or something
you know since I ran 2 cycles over 18 weeks of being shutdown and all

If you’re goal is to feel like total shit and do it as fast as possible then 100mg/day of Tamoxifen would be an effective route.

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I think you are better off spreading it out. 40 mg is a lot. That’s why people only do it the first 2 weeks, then taper down.