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Coming Off Blast & Cruise PCT Plan?

After 11 months on a trt dose with a blast at the start. I’m deciding to come off. I’ve been on

200mg test
300 iu hcg 2 x per weeks.

What is a good pct for me? Can I recover?

I’m 31 if that helps.

Days 1-14 after last test shot: maintain hcg dosing

Days 14-56: Nolva 10mg/d

Less is more. Don’t go nutty on the SERMs. Don’t go nutty on the hcg. Saw blood work this morning from a guy who stopped bnc for two years and eight weeks after he was done his test levels were right back to where they were when he started. No pct, just cold turkey. (Don’t do that) The point is your body is remarkably good at recovering from stuff.

But you started trt for a reason, and I’m assuming low test was like 98% of that reason. So don’t expect recovery to be a lot higher than when you first started.

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Yeah I know. But I was gonna do more blasts … I just don’t blast enough to be on this dose.

How long should I take the hcg for? An novla alongside it after two weeks from my last t shot?

Hcg ends when Nolva begins. Those two weeks of no-man’s land while the test begins to clear are perfect for the hcg to have a larger impact and help make recovery easier.

Technically two weeks isn’t full clearance of the testosterone, but it’s far enough for a SERM to start working.

How about

Hcg 250iu 3 x a week - 3 weeks

When this has finished 10mg novla 4 weeks

Run the Nolva longer. Six weeks shouldn’t be much more of an imposition vs four and the trend has been lower for longer. Fewer side effects but very effective for getting you back to normal. You’d rather get it right the first time and not have to go through it all again.

Ok so hcg 3 weeks …

Stop the hcg 10mg novla for 6 weeks?

Sound about right?

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Yep. HCG could even be just two weeks. So like this:

Last test shot
Hcg the next two weeks
Nolva for six weeks

But an extra week of hcg won’t kill you.

Why would you come off of TRT? If you’re really on TRT, your body isn’t producing enough T.

I came of a blast then stayed on a cruise dose. Trt dose.


You don’t have low t, or even low t symptoms, yet you’ve been on testosterone? Why is this topic even in the TRT forum?

I’ve been on a trt dose. Hence why I’m asking for help of people coming off trt for advice. Are you gonna help? Or are you one of them weirdos that goes round forums starting arguments with people?

I’ll help. Go post this in the pharma forum where it belongs.

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Thanks mods, for moving the thread.

Glad I could help!


He is helping. You will get the answers your looking for in pharma because you arent on trt. Trt is for life, those dudes dont come off.

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You probably won’t recover using a standard hcg/serm protocol after 11 months on. Your best bet would be a test taper.

Search for the test/stasis protocol on here. I also have a thread from a few years ago.