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Coming Off Androgel


Please if anyone can help with this question do so, I am very worried.

In the beginning of February I somehow convinced myself that I had low-t. It was because I heard someone on the radio talking about some issues that sounded like mine and so the doctor on the radio recommended that he look into Androgel.

Well, I went to my doctor on the 9th and "told him" I though I had low-t and to give me an Androgel 5mg Rx. He has known me for 7 years and I am usually right when I tell him what is wrong, so he wrote me the prescription.

He did take some blood and sent it off for testing my levels before I started taking it.

I took the gel for about a week and then my results came back.

T-Level: 457
Free T-Level: 81.4
Free T-%: 1.78
PSA: 0.90

That's the results from my test which was done around 11am in the morning.

I continued taking the Androgel for 18 days. As of yesterday I stopped taking it.

My questions are:

For 32 years old are the levels I listed above good, or what?

After taking the gel for 18 days am I going to feel really bad and if so, will it get better?

What non prescription supplements can I take to increase my levels without any bad side effects?

Should I not stop taking Androgel cold turkey and use just a smaller amount for a few days and then smaller, etc.?

Please help because Androgel is too expensive and I don't have insurance.

BTW, I am in pretty decent health and such, thanks to boxing, in case that matters with any answers.




your T-level is in the mid-low normal range (280-1100)(ng/dl)

you try taking supplements such as tribulis to naturally increase your T level, and if your diet is low in zinc you can try supplementing with it.

Other ideas would be to investigate the exact cause of your T-level being low.

Have you ever done steroids?

What is your LH and fsh levels?

What is you blood estrogen levels?

It may just be due to stress.

Or it could be aging.

At anyrate, you shouldn't need anything to help you come off the androgel as it is provides a very low-dose supply of testosterone.