Coming Off a Lengthy Cruise

Hey Everyone,

I’m coming off a lengthy cruise of test e300 p/w (14 months). I thought I was going to cruise on it for the rest of my life, unfortunately I made a dumb decision thinking that I know. I now want to get off and start PCT, was thinking the traditional Clomid/Nolva, any advice?

I’m 25 years old.

I know I made a mistake and I’m taking accountability for it, so if you have anything irrelevant or unhelpful to say I don’t really care.

Appreciate it guys.

We make some bad decisions in our youth. Hopefully, this one will remedy itself fairly quickly. You will get varying opinions how long before your hormones reset, if at all. I believe it will eventually reset, but I have no definitive biological reason for that to happen.

I would start with HCG for 20 days (EOD injection), and then a couple weeks later try Clomid for a few weeks. Wait another month and get a blood test. Or just go to your doctor and plead your case.

Your testosterone is a rather simple feedback loop (the experts here will correct where I am missing the boat.) When your testosterone is low, your pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone that reaches the testes asking for them to release testosterone. When testosterone gets high, the pituitary gland gets a signal to cut back on luteinizing hormone. Everyone is different, but the system tries to run on a set point, though there is quite a bit of variation throughout the day.

The HCG is the luteinizing hormone that signals the testes to manufacture testosterone. This should work to assure that your testes can still produce testosterone.

Clomid signals the pituitary gland to manufacture luteinizing hormone.

When you quit taking those two, if all is ready to work properly, your testosterone feedback system will have reset. But there are no guarantees that will happen.

Exogenous testosterone in sufficient quantities will shut down your pituitary’s demand to manufacture luteinizing hormone. That function will go dormant. What you want to do is awaken your system. It might happen spontaneously upon quitting the cruise. And then again it might not respond.