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Coming Off a Ketogenic Diet (AD)

I have been searching for a transition off a diet such as the AD. I was wondering if anyone tried coming off a ketogenic diet with success or if they had an article to refer to.


Probably the closest thing I can think of is John Berardi’s Get UNshredded diet article, which is on this site. I’d be interested to hear what other folks have to say, though.

The only time i ever did it, the transition took nearly 8 months for me after following the anabolic diet for nearly a year.

I found the key was carb timing and macro combos.

For example, i began for 2 months with 50g of carbs pwo.
After this i added 50g of oatmeal for breakfast and removed any fat from this meal.
This lasted for another 3 months.
I then added carbs into the midday meal and then when i was comfatable with my bodies reaction, carbs into my meal after my pwo shake.

which is where i am now except i have protein carbs and fat for breakfast, p +f 2 hours later and 2 hours after that, p + c midday, p+f mid afternoon, p+c pwo, p+c pwomeal p+f before bed

testanabol has it right, transition of the diet slowly and make the changes you want in small steps. What kind of diet are you thinking of switching to? is there a particular reason that you’re going off the AD?

[quote]JH wrote:
testanabol has it right, transition of the diet slowly and make the changes you want in small steps. What kind of diet are you thinking of switching to? is there a particular reason that you’re going off the AD?[/quote]

I been on the AD for almost 4 months now. I’m 19 years old and my body likes carbs(they don’t make me fat) so there’s no point to go with the AD if want I want is muscle. I have to drop 10-15 pounds before I go into the mass phase so thats why I will wait until I’m there to start transitioning off to a higher carb diet. Something that has me eating carbs around breakfast and 1 or two meals post workout on top of my post workout shake.

Thanks for the replys so far.

I’ve got one week left on my CKD. It was my plan to introduce carbs in the form of oatmeal in the morning for a week or two.


Did you have a reason for first introducing carbs PWO instead of in the form of oats in the morning?

Also, rather than do a final carb up at the end of the week since it’s my last week, should I use that time to start addint a serving a carbs/day

I actually am in the process of this.

John Berardi has a great piece on this in one of his Appetite for Construction pieces. Basically, the body gets “starvation diabetes.” When you reintroduce the carbohydrates, your body will respond in exaggerated manners, and you will experience symptoms like type 2 diabetics.

For example, the first couple of weeks, I would get blurry vision after eating a big carb meal. I’d check my blood glucose and it was within normal ranges, but I was having the symptoms. I also noticed drastically more urination. It’s getting better as I go along, though.

The reasoning for PWO carbs instead of oats in the morning is that you want insulin to be raised PWO more than in the morning, and insulin sensitivity is improved after exercise, so his body was more likely to respond in an appropriate manner.

I started adding in the carbs post workout, post workout meal, and then 2nd post workout meal, and fat gain has been nonexistent.

PWO shake it is. I’ll probably start w/ 40g dextrose PWO and work my way up to 70g. If there are no negative side effects when I get to 70g (after about 3-4 weeks) I’ll add them to my first PWO solid food meal.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ll report on how it goes here as I imagine there will be others who are curious.

i’m very carbophobic, but here’s my plan on ending my 20 week ad…

first two weeks: Surge two scoops split before and during, with post workout one scoop Surge one scoop wpi+ creatine+glutamine

second two weeks: add a starch to my dinner (i workout around 430-530), such as whole wheat pita or low carb tortillas

month 2: breakfast carbs add in, oatmeal


Hey Ronaldo,

I’ve done this a couple of times and used two different strategies… both work equally well.

I’ve used the Berardi “Getting Unshredded” strategy and Thib’s strategy of slowly incorporating carbs starting with PWO, then breakfast, then second meal PWO.

What I wouldn’t do if I were you is stress about the details. Just train your ass off and bump up your exercise volume as high as you reasonably can.

Be patient and don’t stress if you find yourself bloated or “looking fat”. It takes time and it can be frustrating, but the water retention will dissipate.

just got back from the gym. Back day
4x8 weighted chins
3x10 seated cable rows
3x10 high row machine
2x failure pullups

Pwo had my Surge w creatine and 5g glutamine. I figure I’ll do this for the next few weeks to see how I feel. Thoughts? I figure this is the best time to add them in…