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Coming Off a Keto Diet....

I read John Berardi’s recommendations as to how to come off a keto diet with minimal fat rebound, but he doesnt seem to address the issue of increasing calories back up to maintenence level. Should I just increase 500 cals per week till I get back up to Maintenence? I’m at about 1400 cals now on the Fat Fast, and I believe maintenence for me is about 3000 or so. Also… would it be ok to start reintroducing carbs POST WORKOUT, as in high-glycemic carbs for the insulin surge, or would this be a bad idea? I.E., instead of reintroducing carbs through out the day, just starting with a 50gm shot post W.O… any advice would be appreciated!

Just curious, I am about to start Fat Fast and was wondering how your results were?

On a previous thread, somebody said you should increase cals by 100 per day, while taking in <100g carbs/day in the first week (oatmeal in the morning, Surge post wo), then increasing it in small increments in subsequent weeks. A lot of people have done FF with Surge anyways, so you should add that in whenever you finish. BTW how’d it go? I’m on a little FF myself.

Do a search on the forum for Vain68 or keto and find my related posts…i have detailed a guide for keto dieting. I’m out

thanks for the input… I’m still on the FF… actually came off a six week “Steroid Diet” which was the worst diet I ever tried (no offense Chris Shugart). I simply COULD NOT control carb binging after my workout. SOOO I switched to the FF which makes it real simple: No carbs. Other than occassionally binging on peanuts (not a good idea), I’ve been OK on it.

As far as progress, I’m sorry to say I’ve given up on keeping track… I dont care what the scale says and I simply can’t trust my Fattrack digital calipers, which say I am at 2-3% BF (there is NO WAY that’s right)…

but what I can say is that I’ve been ok getting by… workouts suck, but i’m not tired through the day. I have had a few TMS moments (the male PMS) whence I flip out for no reason, but other than that I like the FF much better than the Steroid Diet. And subjectively, I am getting leaner… but when one gets into the single digits progress is glacially slow.

Chris won’t be offended Tricepsatops. He didn’t write that diet.