Coming Off a Forearm Injury, Advice?

 Last July I snapped my radius being an idiot, which kind of fucked me over. To compensate for not being able to lift I joined my schools cross country running team and have been dieting for the past month with another month of *light* cutting to go before I begin to bulk up again. 

 I have been lifting for around a year now, before I broke my forearm(left), I was benching 220 as my 1rm and doing 5x5's with 160 pounds. Now if I bench anything over 100 pounds I get sharp pain in my left forearm. My doctor gave me the okay to start lifting again two weeks ago too, so the bone is completely healed. 

Could the titanium plate they put in to hold my arm together be causing me pain? Or do I just need to slowly get my arm used to working out again and put a little more muscle on? I dident lose much size during the time my arm was broken, because I had the plate/screws put in I dident need a cast, so I got to use my arm just not for lifting, and it retained most of its size.
Any have any advice or been through something similar?

Hey. I have some good news for you.

I’ve had the same break and the same surgery except I broke both bones in my forearm not just the radius.

To be honest it sounds like you haven’t had enough time to heal. When they do surgery on your arm in that way they go through muscle, tendons etc to get at the bone. It’s a nasty break.

It could be plate caused pain I used to get it really bad but never from lifting. I always had the problem if someone knocked into me. The most sensible thing IMO is to add size. The more padding you add around this baby the better it is assuming the muscle doesn’t cause any problems with the plate which it hasn’t for me and my surgeon told me it was fine to do weights with it. Hell he encouraged it, good man.

Anyway continue doing what your doing, rest it more really. Be sensible don’t go doing things that hurt it.
I can’t do barbell curls I just don’t have the mobility in the arm and may never have it back. But I can use a DB. So there is many ways around it.

I suggest doing push ups.

Yeah, I’ve been doing alot of push ups in cross country practice, so many skinny kids in there(I thought I was skinny LOL), that I convinced the coach to add weight training to our practice routine.

I have the same mobility in my arm that broke as before, its still more flexible and mobile than my good arm haha. I’ll just keep doing my push ups/wrist curls/other light weight exersizes to build it up again.


Good stuff man I’m glad you have all the mobility and flexibility with it still.