Coming Off a Diet

so I’m coming to the end of 16 weeks of strict dieting. I’ve been low carb for about 4 weeks now and cardio daily. I’m off on a 2 month trip to california. ill still be training 4 days a week but will be drinking here and there and plan on enjoying myself. what i want to do is make sure i don’t blow up. anyone who has any experience would be great to try and keep my weight down

If you’ve been low carbing it, your insulin sensitivity is going to be skewed, and going right back to how you used to eat pre-diet is the surest way to pack on fat. You need to slowly work your metabolism back to where it was. I always take a few weeks, raising my carb intake each week as I go. Also, if you’ve been doing cardio daily, and you suddenly stop (as most people do), you’re going to miss out on calories burned each day, as well as the effect it had on your insulin sensitivity throughout the day. Bottom line is to ease off the gas slowly in terms of cardio and low carb levels.