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Coming off a cycle the right way

I’m 2 wks. away from finishing an 8-week cycle of equipoise.This week I’ll be dropping my dose from 300mg/wk to 200mg and then only 100 for the last week. This was my first cycle. I’m looking for advice on getting my body back to normal and holding on to my strength gains. I plan on using tribex for the month following discontinuance as well as clenbuterol. any advice on the best use of clen would be great. I’ve heard so many different ways to use it that I’m not sure which is right. 2days on, 2days off; 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off; or 12 weeks straight? any ideas on clen or other stuff to help me keep my gains would be great. Thanks


thanks deniz, I’ll try it! anybody got any real advice?

Ok dude!
Get some clomid…if you haven’t used it in your cycle …not very smart.
But that’s ok start it as soon as you can and
use it in your post cycle as well.50-100mg for 2-3 weaks shold do the trick (use tribex as well i love it),and know give us some update on your progress …are you leaner,stronger,etc…

Thanks stud. I do have some HCG right now, but I wasn’t sure if my cycle was strong enough to warrant HCG(hence the tribex substitution). Yeah, the cycle worked out great. I gained a min. of 8 lbs of muscle, but I haven’t tested my b.f., although I can tell from the mirror its dropped to under 10%. I used this cycle to get me back on track after a sports injury set me back 5 months. Thanks