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Coming off a Cut, Where to Now?

As my 12 week cut comes to a close, I have lost roughly 20 lb and have set a number of PR’s in the gym. As I look back on it, I would call it more of a recomp. I weigh 185 now and would like to compete at 180 next summer.

I go to a pretty hardcore gym with a number of pro bodybuilders and powerlifters and have been talking a lot with one of the bodybuilders, who has kind of taken me under his wing. He told me to get to no more than 200.

I have read Berardi’s “Getting Unshredded” and I’m really not sure it applies to me. On my off days, I would consume 2000-2400 cal with 0-30 g carbs. On workout days, I would comsume only carbs post workout, with cals at 2200-2600.

On the weekends, which were both workout days, I bumped carbs to 300 g/day and cals were 2600-3000. I lifted 5xweek and performed a nepa walk for an hour each morning. With EVERY carb meal I ate over the past 12 weeks, I took an Anabolic Pump or r-ala beforehand to help with glucose disposal.

My question is where do I go from here? Since I did not severely restrict carbs like a pure keto diet, can I bump up carb intake to 200-300/day and not worry about fat gain?

I plan on continuing with the NEPA walks and adding in additional cardio, which I did virtually none of during my recomp. As long as my calories stay within 3000, should I be OK?

My goal is to put on as much lean mass as possible which watching fat gain. Can I transition to something like Berardi’s Precision Nutrition NOW and be ok? What about adding in CLA or another supp to control fat gain during a “clean bulk?”

My question is

After any cutting phase you should do a maintence phase for 6-8 weeks to let your body adapt to its current weight and bf%.

Yes, its boring and uneventful. If you start to bulk right after a cut; you’ll gain more fat then muscle.

I used this time to focus on my training more then my diet. Getting stronger is more fun anyways.

Get them lifts up!

Chris Shugart has a thread about transitioning off of the V-Diet, even though your diet is different, it should have some helpful tips.


He basically advocates a 2-week ramp-up of carbs and calories rather than a rapid “bump”.