Coming off 8 weeks of Mag-10

I’ve been on Mag-10 for 8 weeks, using 1/2 dose, twice a day. My balls are still swinging as low as ever, and I pop random wood at least every other day. Now that’s a slight decrease in my normal twice a day wood popping, but not significant. So I don’t have any money available to buy anything, but I AM prepared with four weeks worth of Clomid, and plenty of Vitex. Now that Mag-10 has been out for a while, is there a definite non-Tribex coming off cycle? Should I take the Clomid as I would normally if coming off the juice?

If anyone wants me to post my results, I will. Mostly though, I need an answer. I only have a couple days left to figure out exactly what I’m going to do. Thanks everyone.


Seriously now. After an 8 week Mag-10 cycle should I use Clomid therapy? It’s been said before that Mag-10 suppressed natural T, but I really don’t feel it. So Clomid, or no?

I did a four week cycle of Mag-10 and found it to be remarkably unsuppressive as well. Nonetheless I followed it up with Tribex for about a week, after which I discontinued because I didn’t think it was necessary. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, as my poundages in my lifts started to decline (they had been increasing even in the post cycle tribex week). After I realized this I followed with another weeks worth of tribex. I’ve never done steroids or an extended prohormone cycle before, but to be perfectly honest I did not feel like I had any T-suppression post cycle, though the drop in strength told me a different story. I’d go with at least 3 weeks of Clomid for an eight week cycle.

I was hoping you’d throw up a quick answer to this question. Figured you’d know best. Thanks to King Protein. I’m probably going to go with the Clomid Therapy for 3 weeks.

If you have the Clomid I’d use it. It is inexpensive and effective and the great
majority have no adverse effects from it. You could also do OK with Tribex + M or Tribex + Vitex, but Clomid is the most proven method of quickly restoring T production after an androgen cycle.