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Coming Off 4 Months "TRT", Need Proper PCT

Hey guys. Bash away. I am the guy that got on TRT when I didn’t necessarily need too. Been on for 4 months running 200mg a week.

I can get you all the information you need in regards to my lab work but long story short, I thought I knew my exit strategy for getting on TRT (essentially got on due to making it a “legal cycle” but honestly I just want off now. My levels were mid 500s to begin with but they had loopholes to get me on for insurance to cover. I was going to Run HCG for 3 weeks then introduce clomid 50mg ED for another 3 weeks and use arimidex as needed.

I have seen so many conflicting PCTs and to be honest I’m reaching out to you guys to just break it down to me and help a brother out. I just want off, and I want to do it the easiest/safest way.

Look over in TRT forum, should be a PCT sticky

Couldn’t find anything decent.

Can you paste the link you are referring too?

I would just stay on for the free gear then ifbyou ever want to run a cycle then you have pharm grade gear