Coming of Cycle Prematurely

I have began a 10 week test e only cycle at a does of 250ml ew I’m aware that this is a low dose and isn’t frequent enough to sustain stable T levels .My question is how would I go about aborting early after only 2 shots, will I need to run a mini pct or continue using aromasin?I will not be able to run the full cycle nor post cycle. I have around 30 days or less. Ive been using aromasin at 12.5 eod and have hcg,Clomid, and nolva on hand . any reply is appreciated thank you

When you say two shots do you mean one shot a week, thus you’ve been on for two weeks? If so then you should treat it like any other cycle that’s come to an end, meaning wait two weeks after the last shot and start your pct. For your situation you should be fine to run Nolva 40/40/20/20. I imagine it’s possible to run it lower, given how very briefly your were on, but there isn’t any real upside to that. Nolva seems to be very side effect friendly and most guys tolerate 40mg/d without issue. Be on the safe side and run it as you would any other pct.

I have to (well I don’t have to but I want to) ask what happened that caused you to stop.