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Coming of a Low carb diet

Help fellow T-men. I feel like I have been stuck following a allessi/poliquin/Beverly style diet for to long. 1.5g of protein per lb of LBM 250g, Low GI carbs 50g or less aday) Fats 50g added from flax , olive oil, fishoil,cla etc with a high carb meal every 4th day. Fat loss has been non existent the last months despite intervals and sprints, and I feellike crap with a low sex drive. I’m sick of consuming Low carb grow and BCAAs glutamine postworkout. How should I go about changing back to higher carbs, increasing my metabolism, and my t-levels which have seemed to plumet despite tribex & M? Anybody have any experience doing this? Should I just switch over to JMB style? I don’t know what to do?

Definately time to switch up the diet. Start with 2 P&C meals. One for breakfast and one post workout for at least 100 carbs per day. Then add another 50g of carbs in a meal in the earlier part of the day or another after training. Finally, add another 50g of carbs with similar instructions. Each carb phase in should last 7-10 days.

you didnt mention it, but if you are taking thermos or caffeine, you may have plateued with fat loss due to insulin sensitivity problems. i dont just say this becausw eit is the new thing on the board to bitch about - i had the same problem forever and just recently figured it out. there is no reason you should ever plateau with fat loss at 50 g’s of carbs per day unless there is an insulin sensitivity/resistance problem…

I will probably get flamed for saying this since most people here declared it a failure, but I have been following Ori’s “Warrior Diet” now for about 6 months off and on. I actually got the book though, and not the half assed version that’s in the archives of this sight. You should at least read up on it.

The only reason I brought it up is because I noticed that I had the exact opposite feelings that you do. I ALWAYS looked foreward to eating (even the shakes), and my sex drive was through the roof. My body fat levels were on a steady (albeit slow) decline, and that was drastically increased when I started doing the Meltdown Training.

Thanks for the reply Jason, thats exactly what I started doing and I feel so much better. Crince, I completely disagree with the 50g of carbs a day and not plateauing in fatloss. In my personal experience and I have used this diet on and off for a while (Beverly,Poliquin, Serrano etc) is that it works great in the begining but the body get used to converting aminos to glucose when protein is high,The body will always strive to keep blood sugar levels at a certain degree no matter the carb intake. the metabolism takes a dive, GH is comprimised because of lack of lactate, cortisol is elevated because not much insulin, which effect testosterone, regardless of a high fat intake, and a high carb day every 5th day. Strength is comprimised, and the body starts to protect its fat. I will never use this diet again the rest of my life, I personally feel it ruined alott of my progress this last year, fat loss, fun time in the gym enjoying my workouts, sex drive, and insulin sensitivity.