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Coming Home To No Home



I'm even pissed off for the guy.
Now he, his girlfriend and 5 children have to live in a 1-bedroom apartment instead of their 1631 sq. ft. home :frowning:


Look on the bright side... at least they weren't home when the house came crashing down.


I saw the title and thought this was some story about a vet coming back from overseas (salty tear-like liquid begins to cloud eyes). Since it ain't, I'm picturing him getting out the car with house keys in hand staring at an empty space. Ha. Squats and milk buddy! (No, but that does suck).


Especially because his apartment is in East Liberty... Not cool bro... At the very least he'll have a lawsuit that will probably pay him MINIMUM of twice what he put into that house and he could probably then just turn around and buy a house he won't have to fix up or will be bigger.


That's what I'm thinking (and hoping) too.

First time I read it, I was laughing. It was sad, but it's pretty funny that something like that can happen. Then I read on and he has a girlfriend and 5 children to move in with. I laughed less. Then I read that he has to go back to his 1-bedroom apartment with 6 others... laughing ceased.

It was bad enough living with my dad, mom, aunt, grandmother and myself in a 3-bedroom (more like 2 bedroom, my dad used one of the bedrooms to turn into a shrine for clothing).
I can't even imagine how they feel. Makes me want to start a fundraiser for the poor guy lol


I think I would accidentally demolish someone's face.


More like accidentaly shotgun someone's face with beanbag rounds.

EDIT: Why the hell part of my post vanished ?


Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that.

Easliberdy is no place to be.