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coming back

i would like to first say u guys are great. i learned a lot of info from u guys. the past summer i had a great dit and lifting program. i am now 17 was 16 over summer. i am not a normal teen. my dad was huge only 5 8 but was 200 could squat 500 for 2 when he was younger. he also might make a return now 46. my older bro huge!!! hes 22. 22 inch guns with garden house veins. he is 6 4 and like 240 ripped. ya u know why he is that big if u know what i mean. i have access to all that shit. but see i dont need it. i grow quick. i have always been bigger the anyone in school. but this summer i grew so much. from july to sept. i started at 160 with 5% body fat. at the end i was 175% same bodyfat. i dont gain much weight but i looked like 200. im weird i quess. i had 5 1/2 arms 40 inch chest. in 2 months i went to 17 inch gones and 47 inch chest. good right. waist was still same 29. i looked huge. my max curl was 145 and bench was 285. my bench went up 50 pounds. all for bein 16. i didnt do much legs but still had 16 inch calves. the reason i grew so much i think is my diet. i ate so much. gallon of milk a day. 6 shakes of protein a day and chicken breast egga can of tuna and lots of chunk. every was like that maybe not on weekends but that didnt matter i was getten over 300 sometimes 400 grams a day of protein when i calculated it. i love to eat. but see after some i stopped lifting. its now jan and i still have stopped. my diet is gay. i eat likt grab. the result. i weigh 155 160. can hardly bench 230 when i used to be able to do 6. arms are ok bout inch smaller. chest is to 44. sucks. i feel like a pussy. i still am bigger then anyone my age. i quess i should lay of girls for a while. ya right. i was wondering how hard is it gonna be for me to come back. i want to get up to 180 in a month or 2 if possible. i plan on taken lots of protein like i did. but i am gonna use methoxypro isntead of my usual nitowhey. plus i will throught in some creatine which i didnt use this summer havent used that in a year. also zmass i will take. i just started taken all this today. i feel great. but am i expecting to much my tryen to get to 180 in a month or 2. if i do think i deserve a t shirt. thank again for ur info. i would also like to say this. to all u weak ass teens even adults who say they eat so much and cant gain weight. i would say drink a gallon of milk, whole too, a day. but dont stop eating what u do. try it. bet ull put on 10 pounds in 2 weeks. i did in 1 week. haha.

I’m sure all that meant something…I just can’t figure out what…

It’s pretty simple, just eat lots & train hard.

by all that shit, if you mean synthol then i might believe you about your brother and those would be some ugly ass arms. But otherwise your drastically lying about your brother, no way in hell does he have 22 inch arms at 22 years old. THis sounds like a greg kovacs story to me

And to hell with those fascist “speling” and “gra.:mmar” lessons in first grade!

“You don’t speak no good english!” :frowning:

There is not a college or employer in the world who gives a fat baby’s dick about how much you bench or that you can’t gain weight. Do not spend a dime on supplements until you have hired yourself an English tutor. Good Lord, I weep for the future.

Load up on Cybergenics and Cell Tech and then just pick any routine out of Flex Magazine. If you don’t start getting huge immediately then just keep adding more sets or try training twice a day.