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Coming Back with New Cycle, Trying Tren A

I’m 26 been lifting on a serious level for the past 10 years wife makes sure my diet is always in check and I’ve used AAS in the past for similar cycles. I’ve used test long and short esters, dbol got some serious gains at 20lbs. And even ran my deca 1:1 with my test, got some wonderful results no sides.

I’m here just as a check up from the pros coming back to aas use my cycle will be

week 1 - adrol 50mg ed.
weeks 2 -4 - adrol 100mg ed.
weeks 1 -6 tren a 200mg/wk/eod.
weeks 1 -12 test sust 600mg/wk/2x/wk.
weeks 1 -12 adex .25mg - .5mg eod.
weeks 1 -12 caber .25mg 2x/wk. ( if symptoms occur)
weeks 14 -16 hcg 500iu Ed.
weeks 14 -18 pct: nolva 20/20/40/40
weeks 14 -18 pct: clomid 50/50/100/100

Now for the reason on the bridge for anadrol this is my first time using it so I want to see how my body responds to it because honestly my last cycle of dbol I could of used less and still had adequate results.

The tren a any advice is helpful first time using it so I figured I’d keep the dose relatively lower.

And for my pct in the past I’ve never used hcg always seemed like sides were a little much if I’m keeping results and coming off nice, just did my pct and always seemed to have bounced back just fine, however with the controversy going around on or after cycle I was wondering for some of y’all’s Input it seemed to make more sense to me to start the hcg first 2 weeks of my pct to kinda kick start my hormone production again since it pretty much mimics Lh and then I can finish out my pct with the serms.

Dosages seem fine to me, for the Anadrol I would see how you do on the 50MG once the ace kicks in, since they both are pretty hardcore on the blood and organs, if you feel fine then the increase to 100 could be possible, you’ll feel it yourself.

They say Dbol is stronger than Anadrol but to me personally i feel anadrol much more than dbol as far as results and sides, I can run Dbol 50 MG or higher without feeling any negative effects, but anadrol 50 if i go higher and its a good product I already get massive fullness, headaches, increased temperature etc, loss of appetitte, fatigue etc, on my body it seems to be much more potent than dbol, but depends per person, I mean yeah there are guys that run anadrol even 200 or 300mg like rich piana or dallas, but their hart didnt last long (no disrespect though)

For the ace 200MG still gives great results for sure, but I would do ED for more stable levels. EOD makes you more unstable, like Greg Douchette explained on ace, EOD is like a sudden high peak and then sudden drop, which on other compounds doesnt affect as much but tren is really strong can mess with your mind and mood a lot.

If this is your first time using Tren and Anadrol, you will probably get some incredible results.

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Really appreciate the feedback, the extra pin doesn’t bother me so I’ll definitely do Ed for the ace.
As for the anadrol would you recommend me just using dbol if I know 50mg Ed does wonders with no sides? Or is anadrol really that superior in terms of a less “fluffy” kick start?

I guess its different for everyone.

For me I feel more hard type of fullness on Anadrol, from within the muscle instead of the “watery” type of fullness, but at the same time I feel crappier on it than I do on Dbol.

Dbol has this feel-good effect, I guess it has to do with its effect on dopamine transmitters, it gives you an overal sense of well being. Anadrol does not have this effect, instead it generally makes you feel side effects quicker.

I prefer how I “feel” on Dbol, but I am super prone to gyno and acne I cant really run it that well without craploads of AI.

Then at the same time I prefer how I look on Anadrol, but it doesnt make me feel as good as Dbol.

In the end when the kickstarts end, gains-wise probably not that much different, just when you’re on it the look can vary in terms of how you hold water.

Interesting though, some guys swear they look more bloated on Anadrol, so don’t take my word for it lol.

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HCG should be used at the start of the cycle: Week 1 through the end. Then, PCT with a SERM.
I’d throw away the Clomid. Extremely estrogenic and can cause gyno, fat gain, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. The dose is overkill too by the way.
Nolvadex is also too high a dose. 20mg daily is what people do for 4 weeks. IMO this is also way too much. I’d personally do 10mg EOD for 4 weeks. More is not better, you will just feel like death for no additional benefits. These drugs and their metabolites have a long half life that will take a couple months to clear out. Norendoxifen is one of the metabolites that acts as an aromatase inhibitor. It is on par with Letrozole in potency as an AI. You do not want an AI in PCT, which is what you will be doing by taking high dosages of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen).


I shouldve said “aas dosages seem fine” lol

The pct is abit too much yes.

Maybe he thought he needs an extreme pct due to the Tren or something.

Leaning towards more of a lean bulk the anadrol definitely sounds like what I have been aiming to hit in a sense of keeping a harder look while trying to put a few “nice” pounds.

With my first time using tren I’m also aware of the sides so maybe the positive dopamine affects of the dbol would be nice as far as some mental sides go…

Yeah I agree i kinda went overboard with the clomid there, your science makes sense so i appreciate the insight :+1:

It is in relation to trying to recover as quick as possible. In the field of AAS use, users aren’t looking at longevity… it’s more “what can I take to recover as quick as possible while retaining gains”… in which case a higher dosage of a serm would be (unfortunately) the better choice (if you’re ideology strays away from longevity… which… if you’re using high dosages of AAS…) Furthermore, whilst brain fog, low platelet counts, white blood cell counts adverse effects on neurology (yes this happens with tamoxifen as well as clomiphene, but the isomer zuclomiphene has far more predispensity in relation to inducing this)… increased serum triglycerides… are all potential side effects… the drug isn’t free of sides… but in dosages of 20-40mg it’s relatively well tolerated, most don’t feel like absolute shit… Furthermore for those with a select cytochrome p450 mutation (such as myself)… cyp2d6, the drug is ineffective at lower dosages and we REQUIRE higher dosages for therapeutic effect.

Yes, but to what extent is it produced, if it’s produced in trace amounts following intake of the drug the notion of that metabolite existing is rather inconsequential. It’s like dbol and c17a methyl dihydroboldenone (M1T)… m1t is an incredibly toxic compound to use, dbol is toxic… but doesn’t leave users jaundiced and lethargic after 1-2 weeks use of 10mg daily… 5a reduced dbol is m1t, but dbol’s conversion rate to m1t is quite negligible, thus the facet of “it converts to m1t, therefore you’ll feel like dog shit after a few days of taking this” doesn’t apply.