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Coming Back to Training From Sickness

Hi, coach I was wondering if any advice on coming back to training after a week of not training bad case of pneumonia…I’m lost on what to do really as in rep range, volume and or exercise selection any help I appreciate it thank you

Well personally if I’d only lost a week (like when I’m on holydays) I would just resume what I supposed to do. Maube with just a bit more conservative weight

Not CT (obviously) but isn’t pneumonia kind of serious? A week of training is nothing, and no matter what you’re still most likely far from 100 per cent. Wouldn’t it be better to take another week off to be safe and just do a bunch of walking and maybe something like the McGill big three and Agile 8 every day?

Then go back in knowing you’re properly recovered and start light with what you used to do - maybe at most 70 per cent of the loads you used before you got sick. If a week of that was ok, you’d probably be good to go back to normal.


Yeah you’re certainly right about being cautious but I wouldn’t know I have never been sick for more than two days in my life.