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Coming Back To Life From 190kg +

Having reached 50 & ballooning out to over 190kg there were only two choices left. Die or try. I chose to try.
I reached out to an old mate of mine & with his help I am now back in the gym daily & on my way to recovery. My journey started in November last year & to date I have lost just over 45kg.
I was unsure about returning to the gym the way I was but that was soon put to rest. The one thing people who attend gyms know all about is hard work & dedication. After a few days of daily attendance even the biggest & fittest looking people were giving me the nod. It wasn’t long before some of them started to talk to me & new friendships have been made. Its not really how you look in the gym its how hard you are prepared to try.
I am closing in fast on my next goal which is a loss of 50kg & all I get from everyone, including from the world class athletes & fighters whom frequent the gym is encouragement. I see for myself how hard they work at looking the way they do & performing the way they do & in return that inspires me to fight on.
I am close to reaching half way. My ultimate goal is to loose 90kg+. With the support & encouragement I have received to date I know I will achieve it. Is anyone else in here on a journey back to the land of the living?


Well done brother

Thanks MarkKO

Its been a hell of journey but close to half way. My mate here is an ex Mr Universe, without him this would never have been possible nor do I think could I have done it alone. The food plans & gym routine/cardio, without him & all the regulars it would have been 50 x harder. Thailand is also not such a bad place either!

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Always helps to have someone in your corner.
Keep up the good work mate.

Great job so far OP! Whats your training regime looking like?

Congratulations! That is a wonderful job you have done! What is your final goal weight in the end?

Thanks will do. Almost reached half way.

1hr Gym every day except Sunday Cardio after gym.

I do a bit of everything. I found if I did just legs one day & something else the next being so out of shape it was too much. I had crushed the nerves in my groin area so if I hammered legs I couldnt sleep for the next three or four days due to the pain & not just muscle pain from a workout but never ending pain & that screws with your head when its daily.

So I do a bit of legs, arms, back, & cardio. When your 190kg cardio is seriously hard, just climbing a small flight of stairs is bloody hard but it gets easier. Some days its the mental side now that is still hard, especially when you work at it all week diet etc etc & then the scales show a no loss or even a small gain. But just all part of the process.

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As close to 100kg or just under. I am half way. No turning back.